Batman V Drunk Superman Video: A Boozy Superhero Brawl

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A VFX artist re-imagines the fight scenes from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in a new video that gets Superman drunk. Last year's big offering from the DCEU, Batman V Superman, became another divisive movie for the comic giant - despite having some phenomenal fight scenes, and Batman's glowing eyes that thrilled fans when they were first revealed at SDCC. One of the biggest scenes, the titular throwdown between two of DC's biggest heroes, also became one of the most controversial, as the "Martha" line was ripped apart by unimpressed fans.

Despite the controversy, or perhaps because of it, there are plenty of YouTubers and creators who have enjoyed parodying and recreating some of the more impressive moments from the superhero flick since it first came out. A recent video now takes things a step further, re-imagining one of the scenes with a very different ending - thanks to Superman's love of the booze.

The video, posted by VFX artist Darren Wallace, is descriptively titled "Batman Vs Drunk Superman," and is around one minute long. As the name suggests, it's a re-imagining of the big fight scene had Superman (Henry Cavill) been hammered, and not held back.

The video starts with Batman (Ben Affleck) staring up at Superman where he hovers overhead, as he says the line, "Do you bleed?" From there, Superman takes a big swig from a liquor bottle, and proceeds to demolish Bats, first by urinating on him, then freezing him, setting his head on fire, and finally smashing into him and breaking him into tiny pieces. The clip ends as Supes puts on the helmet and then burps and walks away.

It's obviously just a little bit of fun with the characters, as Superman is not exactly the kind of guy who would get into a fight while drunk - especially in the DCEU, where his moral struggles are a central part of his character. In the original film, Superman tells Batman: "Stay down. If I wanted it, you'd be dead already" It looks like Wallace agrees with him, if this clip is anything to go by.

While seeing Superman drunk and not caring about killing another superhero is certainly going to appeal to some fans, others may be put off by the crudeness of the video. The animation itself is well done, but the decision to have Superman peeing on Batman may be taking things a little too far for some.

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Source: Darren Wallace

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