Batman v Superman's Doomsday Was Originally More Comic Accurate

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Newly revealed concept art shows what Batman v Superman's Doomsday could have looked like. With two of the most popular and reused superheroes at the center, the big appeal of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for many was the promise that the two DC icons would battle it out. The film was also setting up the sprawling DC Extended Universe, but as the title suggested the real reason people were buying tickets was to see Bruce Wayne take on Clark Kent.

As this was the main attraction and something that had never been seen on the big screen, the thought was almost too tantalizing for the DC die-hards. However, as is typically the case whenever two heroes fight each other, this was only the appetizer to the finale where they set aside their differences and go up against a villain powerful enough to demand a team up. For Batman V Superman, that villain came in the form of Doomsday and WB ruined the surprise in one of the last trailers. Immediately after his reveal, a large majority of people began to criticize the look as he closely resembled the recent live-action Ninja Turtles. Fans had hoped that over the course of the battle, his shape would continue to evolve and eventually reach a more comic accurate portrayal, and it turns out that was almost the case.

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz revealed alternate designs of Doomsday's look on his Instagram. The few designs are much closer to his normal comic depiction, while the latter are more like the final chosen look.

Early #doomsday #conceptmodel for #batmanvsuperman There were a lot of amazing artists on this project. #batman #superman #comicbookmovies #conceptart #zbrush #3d #wonderwoman #dcmovies #funeralforafriend #dccinematicuniverse #badguy #zod #comicbooks #monster

A post shared by jsmarantz (@jsmarantz) on

A post shared by jsmarantz (@jsmarantz) on

Early #doomsday #conceptart for #batmanvsuperman this piece was a collaboration I did with my incredibly talented friend Constantine Sekeris. There were a lot of amazing artists on this project. #batman #superman #comicbookmovies #photoshop #wondereoman #dcmovies #funeralforafriend #dccinematicuniverse #badguy #zod #comicbooks #monster

A post shared by jsmarantz (@jsmarantz) on

A post shared by jsmarantz (@jsmarantz) on

For those that were not pleased with Doomsday's depiction in Batman V Superman, the first two designs here show what could've been. Based on this and previous concept art, it looks like many potential ideas were almost used. Sadly, it will likely never be revealed why Zack Snyder went with this design of the character instead of incorporating his rigid face.

If the DCEU does ever decide to revisit Doomsday later on, it would not be surprising to see them make alterations to his design to better resemble the comics and make him more of an intimidating villain. However, with the possibility of this happening being unclear as of this time, Doomsday fans will have to live with what Batman v Superman delivered.

Source: Jerad S. Marantz

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