Watchmen Co-Creator Dave Gibbons Comments on Batman V Superman

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Since its March release, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been one of the most highly-debated films in recent memory, as the movie has been discussed at length by both critics and fans everywhere. Because of the film’s mixed reception at best, Warner Bros. has been in reevaluation mode, with more and more prominent figures giving their thoughts on Zack Snyder’s latest blockbuster.

Although Batman V Superman failed to meet many fans’ and critics’ expectations, one of Snyder’s previous superhero blockbusters, Watchmen, has been held in much higher regard among those same fans and critics, including Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons.

The co-creator of Watchmen spoke candidly about Snyder and Batman V Superman while attending MCM Comic Con. Before addressing Snyder’s work on Batman V Superman, Gibbons make a point to applaud Snyder for his role in putting Watchmen on the big screen. However, Gibbons goes on to try to identify why Batman V Superman missed the mark in the number of ways that it did. He points out the fundamental differences between the Batman and Superman characters, and how the film failed to really showcase all their flawed, human traits like Marvel has been able to do in earlier films.

Angry Batman vs Angry Superman

Although Gibbons may be known for his illustrations in Watchmen, his work with the "World’s Finest" comic book series only adds to his credibility when he makes critiques about Batman V Superman and the DC Cinematic Universe as a whole. He certainly has a defined perspective as to how to best portray Superman and Batman on the big screen, and his analysis of DC’s approach to the two characters comes across as less of an attack and more of a thoughtful plea for change.

Gibbons’ perspective on the DC universe is a fascinating one, and it’s one that many fans who left Batman V Superman unhappy and underwhelmed can understand and appreciate. His glowing comments about Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman makes sense, while his omission on offering any specific praise of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman speaks volumes about how he feels Snyder has handled that character.

Still, Gibbons was clearly trying to not come across as to negative with his answers, and he certainly seems to think things can turn around for Warner Bros. if the right adjustments are made going forward.

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Source: Dave Gibbons [via Comic Book]

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