Batman V Superman Production Designer Shares Close Up of Parademon Design

Batman V Superman production designer Patrick Tatopoulos reveals a new closer look at the Paredemons who will terrorize Justice League.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice production designer Patrick Tatopoulos has shared a brand new look on the design of Parademons. The flock of extraterrestrial minions is set to be one of the villains in November's upcoming DC Extended Universe ensemble film, Justice League. Recruited and brought together by Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason  Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) are uniting to defend the earth from the upcoming danger caused by this alien species under the command of Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds).

Since the announcement of a Justice League movie has been made, fans have already been on the lookout as to which antagonist in DC's storied comic book history will Warner Bros. pick out as the team's first mission. The concept of the parademons in the DCEU was first introduced via the highly ambiguous nightmare scene of Bruce in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where an apocalyptic world is brought about by Superman's existence on Earth. While the Dark Knight was ultimately wrong about the Man of Steel, the idea of the world being attacked by these insect-looking aliens seems to be coming to fruition in Justice League.

The close-up design of the terrifying creature has been shared by Tatopoulos on his official Instagram page. Known to have worked with several other blockbusters including Independence Day and 2012, the Greek-French production designer was also heavily involved in the overall visuals for Dawn of Justice where the parademons first appeared in. Check out the cool artwork below:

My Parademon design for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Dawn of Justice #patricktatopoulosdesigns #batmanvsuperman #concept #fashion #bug #warrior #beautiful #ugly #dc

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Despite the difference in its comic book counterparts in terms of the used color palette (it had colorful variations in the comics), the creature looks pretty on-point with its aesthetics and more fitting to the doom and gloom that they are planning to bring to the Earth. Fans who have spotted the upload also quickly got on board with its menacing look and design.

Up until now, not much was known with regard to Steppenwolf and his legion of parademons. Speculation is running high, however, that they are out to collect the Mother Boxes -- one which was used to turn Victor Stone into Cyborg, for use in a bigger evil plan. Shall this be the case, it is up to the League to get the supercomputer devices as far as possible from them.

With a few months left before Justice League hits theaters, reshoots under the supervision of Joss Whedon is still ongoing. The Batgirl writer and director took over the project when original helmer Zack Snyder had to step down from the gig due to a personal tragedy.

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Source: Patrick Tatopoulos

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