'Batman V Superman': Jena Malone Keeps Quiet on Carrie Kelly Rumors

Jena Malone to play Carrie Kelly in Batman V Superman?

2014 has been good to Jena Malone. Her cameo in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is buttressed by considerably grander screen time in Inherent Vice, and her musical duo, The Shoe, released its second album; she shot Time Out of Mind, the new film by Oren Moverman (writer on The Quiet Ones and director on 2009's The Messenger), and, about a year and a quarter from now, she'll appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The jury is still out on who Malone will play in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel, of course. Speculation has run amok since Ms. Malone first showed up on Snyder's set sporting a crimson 'do a few months ago; popular theories immediately put her either on Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordon's daughter (and the alter ego of Batgirl and the Oracle) or, more controversially, Carrie Kelly, who served as Batman's Robin in Frank Miller's off-canon comic book storyline, "The Dark Knight Returns".

Naturally, Warner Bros., Snyder, and Malone have all kept their lips sealed on the matter, but it's possible that the cat (or bird) just got let out of the bag. Speaking with Malone in an interview about her life and times, The Daily Beast references Malone's new red locks not once, but twice, and both times in conjunction with her part in Batman V Superman; there isn't even a hint of Barbara, only mention of Carrie and Robin.

Before anyone gets too excited, first things first: take none of this as official or even unofficial confirmation of anything. The article quite firmly identifies its statements as being rumor-based; though no specific sources are indicated (and none are needed), it's clear that the statements made in the piece are driven by Internet hypothesizing and not by any new information the author is privy to and the rest of us aren't. They're working off the same details available to the rest of the web. (The Daily Beast interview simply mentions that on the Carrie Kelly rumors, Malone "says her lips are sealed.")

We've been here before; back when Malone Tweeted out an image of her lovely haircut, the immediate response was reflective. But is it telling that the interview not only brings up Carrie directly, but neglects to acknowledge the possibility that Malone is playing Barbara Gordon? No allusions are made even to Batgirl, or Oracle; there's a confidence to the declarations made here, even in spite of the concessions to reality. Remember, no one with the ability to do so has corroborated the hearsay floating about Ms. Malone's involvement in Batman V Superman.

All the same, and regardless of the interview's generality, it's tempting to take these remarks as tacit validation of rumors about Malone's role in the film. There are a lot of reasons why should would make a great Carrie Kelly, and why Carrie would be a great addition to the movie mythos WB is working on building up. Malone is a lively, bubbly presence, but she's also old hat at kicking butt in Zack Snyder movies; she's the best thing about Sucker Punch, her first collaboration with the director, and her work in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a reminder that she knows her way around an action scene.

Again, this isn't proof that Malone is playing Carrie Kelly in Batman V Superman, but the choice of words here (and her continued silence on the matter) is interesting to say the least.

Batman V Superman arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Source: The Daily Beast

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