New 'Batman v Superman' Scene Revealed?

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It was one year ago that Oscar-winner Ben Affleck was cast as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman for Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; news that sent the Internet into a frenzy. Since that time, those following the project have kept a close eye on the future Caped Crusader, as everything from the new Batsuit to Affleck possibly suffering a shoulder strain has been gobbled up by fans eager to learn more about the film.

Today, we have another update on Mr. Wayne, courtesy of Batman-News, one pertaining to his interest in sports.

Affleck, seemingly recovered from whatever was ailing him earlier in the month, was in Detroit to shoot a scene at the Masonic Temple. The building is typically used for events such as weddings and banquets, but Snyder's team has allegedly turned the location into an MMA fighting ring (with a bar).

Their sources say that Bruce shows up to the arena to place a bet on a scheduled fight. One of the patrons justifiably is wondering what "this billionaire is doing here" before Wayne replies that he is "kind of a night person" and ends up having a conversation with someone (they don't say who) at the bar.

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Now, it's entirely possible that the (for now, rumored) scene will amount to nothing more than Gotham's favorite son kicking back and relaxing one night, but Batman v Superman doesn't seem like the kind of film that's ripe for many "throwaway" scenes.

With an agenda that currently consists of continuing the story established in Man of Steel, introducing audiences to new versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthorand setting the stage for an entire DC Cinematic Universe (with new rumors of Justice League cameos popping up by the day), Snyder has a lot on his plate already without trying to add in cute little moments.

With all that in mind, the scene in question most likely plays a role in the movie's overarching plot. But where exactly does it fit?

One distinct possibility is that Wayne is doing some detective work at the arena, using gambling as an excuse to mingle with Gotham's underbelly. It's actually quite plausible that this particular bit will serve as our first look (in the film, that is) at Affleck's Wayne and establish his character before the superhero extravaganza gets rolling.

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Since Batman v Superman is arriving just four years after Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy concluded, Snyder has to separate his version of Batman from the one that grossed $2.5 billion at the worldwide box office. Showing the new Wayne investigating some criminals one night (before possibly engaging in a fight - as is par for the course in movie bars) would be a natural way to illustrate how he uses his brains and brawn to his advantage - showcasing why he could pose a threat to Superman.

Though both previous cinematic iterations of Batman did some detective work, it would be fair to say that those films didn't faithfully adapt that aspect of the character from the comics. If indeed Batman does some serious detective work in Dawn of Justice, it'll be a first for the character onscreen (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm notwithstanding).

Keep in mind, this scene is still just a rumor, so it could amount to nothing at all. But if it's true, we hope that the "kind of a night person" line survives the final cut. For all the doom and gloom in WB's DC adaptations, Snyder and Nolan have found ways to sprinkle in some humor along the way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters March 25, 2016.

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Source: Batman-News

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