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Henry Cavill will be back on the big screen this November, as Superman returns for the epic DCEU team-up movie Justice League. The star will be joined by his Batman V Superman co-stars Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) as well as Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Ezra Miller (The Flash) who also appeared in the film. As well as Justice League, Cavill is also working on a Man of Steel sequel that is currently in development. This busy schedule hasn't kept the star from social media, however, and Cavill has been active promoting his recent charity work as well as hanging out with Dwayne Johnson, who will be joining the DCEU as Black Adam.

Today, the star posted a new image for fans of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - a behind-the-scenes look at filming, along with a lighthearted joke about Cavill's love of fancy coffee.

The new image on Instagram shows Cavill in his Superman suit, running through a battered building and looking extremely angry. The shot comes from one of the fight scenes in the film, and also shows us the cameramen and their mobile setup, which allows the camera to pull back as Cavill runs toward them. The actor captioned the image: "Remembering a time while shooting BvS and they told me I wasn't allowed my usual Salted Caramel Mochaccino with skinny coconut milk and whip... #NoMercy #NoExcuses #Superman."


Remembering a time while shooting BvS and they told me I wasn't allowed my usual Salted Caramel Mochaccino with skinny coconut milk and whip... #NoMercy #NoExcuses #Superman

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The caption is obviously a joke, with a drink name seemingly made up by Cavill to sound as extravagant and complicated as possible. Technically, Starbucks could make a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino with whip, but it's that 'skinny coconut milk' that makes the joke clear. We also doubt that Cavill would be drinking many high-calorie dessert drinks like this while on set for Batman V Superman - he's on a strict training regime to keep his incredible physique as Superman, and Frappuccinos don't appear on many diet and exercise plans!

It's a great, lighthearted caption for the image though, and we love seeing more shots from the making of the DCEU movies. Cavill's Instagram posts also help to make the star seem more relatable, as well as helping to promote the work he does for charity. As well as drawing attention to this work, Cavill's hashtags are sure to be perfectly timed inspiration for some fans who are looking for a little motivation to turn down their own sugary temptations and hit the gym... #NoExcuses indeed!

Of course, the image doesn't tell us anything new, unlike a still from an upcoming film might. The post is purely for fun, and to give fans a peek behind the scenes of Batman V Superman. It's also not directly linked to his latest charity campaign or to any other project. Still, we're happy to see Cavill having some fun and treating fans to a little humor and inspiration on the first week of a new year.

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