Batman V Superman: Ben Affleck Gives Batmobile Rides; Talks Bruce Wayne

With just under a month until the film's release, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is easily one of the most anticipated film's of the year. Warner Bros. is in the midst of a heavy marketing push, including new TV spots, a slew of Batman V Superman variant comic covers, and even a new mobile game.

Though early rumors seem to indicate that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman ultimately outshines the two title characters, Ben Affleck's Batman has gotten most of the attention leading up to the film's release. The film will deliver a unique take on the character, introducing Batman as a veteran crime fighter 20 years after his first appearance in Gotham. But just as important to DC's fledgling cinematic universe is the man under the cape and cowl. Bruce Wayne and his relationship to Batman, and the question of which one is the "true" identity, has become central to the character over time.

Speaking with USA Today, Affleck elaborated on bit on the role of Bruce Wayne in the film. The introduction of Superman to his world causes Wayne to question his identity, wondering whether Batman has a place in a world inhabited by such a powerful being. The internal conflict will give the character the opportunity to explore this concept of a dual identity.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne

Affleck also promises that his Bruce Wayne will be Batman's mask, stating "the philanthropist playboy [is] another way to feed the hole that he feels, of emptiness inside him, just as much as going out and fighting bad guys at night." While the response appears to be a rather simple answer to the potentially complex question of identity, a nuanced performance from Affleck could give the question real weight throughout the film.

But speaking about his character wasn't the only thing Affleck was doing in order to help promote the film. Last week, Superman actor Henry Cavill took part in a video where he tried to persuade kids that Superman was cooler than Batman. This week, it was Affleck's turn, hiding inside of the Batmobile currently on display at Warner Bros. Studios. While on a tour of the studio, the tour guide would ask tourists who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? When attendees inevitably answered Superman, Affleck would pop out of the Batmobile and take some light-hearted swings at the character.

Batman V Superman - Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill

Not to be outdone by his onscreen counterpart, Affleck will engage in some philanthropy of his own leading up to the release of Batman V Superman. As with Cavill's video, Affleck's Batmobile video was released to promote a new charity contest in partnership with Omaze. Fans who donate ten dollars to the campaign will be entered into a drawing to win the following:

  • A trip for two to the red carpet premiere of Dawn of Justice
  • A flight in a helicopter with Superman actor Henry Cavill
  • Photobombing the cast with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg)
  • A photo with Ben Affleck along with a ride in the Batmobile

Donations will support three separate nonprofits: Eastern Congo Initiative, which aims to bring stability to Congo, The SEED Project, which develops a new generation of leaders in Africa through education, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, dedicated to saving endangered species from extinction. Those interested in donating can do so here.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th, 2016, followed by Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016; Wonder Woman on June 23rd, 2017; Justice League Part One on November 17th, 2017; The Flash on March 16th, 2018; Aquaman on July 27th, 2018; Shazam on April 5th, 2019; Justice League Part Two on June 14th, 2019; Cyborg on April 3rd, 2020; and Green Lantern Corps. on June 19th, 2020.

Source: USA Today, Omaze

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