Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Video Goes Behind the Batcave

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been all over the news again lately, following the digital release of its Ultimate Edition this past week. The word is in that this version of film, at the very least, fills in aspects of the story that help the it flow much better. That doesn't necessarily erase the bad taste left in the mouths of many, but at least people are now seeing the full vision director Zack Snyder had in mind for his film and more of the effort put behind it.

With this release, it also means audiences are now getting a look behind the scenes thanks to the special features that come with the digital release. Given the amount of work that went into creating Batman v Superman, there is plenty to dive into concerning the making of this film. Those waiting for the Blu-ray release still have to wait and see it all, but Warner Bros. has released a brief clip focusing on the construction of the Batcave.

It only lasts for a minute and a half, with more clearly saved for those who purchase the film, but you get a good sense concerning the effort being put into one of the key sets from the film. Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos speaks the most about the ideas for how to put the Batcave together, with an interesting note concerning how all the tables and walkways are attached to the ceiling. As opposed to having a base built from the ground up, the idea was to apparently create the visual look of everything floating, or suspended from the ceiling (like a bat, get it?).


These sort of details do allow for further examination of the film that move away from more immediate thoughts. This doesn't take away from opinions shared in regards to Batman v Superman's overall quality, but you can look at this making-of as just an example of the amount of effort shown to not just deliver a cool set, but one that fits with the personality of Batman. Credit does go to Tatopoulos and his team, as the filmmaker has worked on plenty of huge projects in the past, including Independence Day, Underworld and I Am Legend, among other films. Putting together something as huge as BVS could only mean pulling out the stops in an effort to try and capture the spirit of the comics.

Of course, whether or not the visual aesthetic was to viewer's liking was part of the debate concerning the film's overall quality. Despite the efforts from filmmakers including Tatopoulos and cinematographer Larry Fong, this was a big comic book blockbuster that chose to go with a dark and grimy look, with occasional flashes that felt inspired by portraits done by comic artist Alex Ross. At least many have the opportunity to look at the film's finer details by way of these extra features. It provides a chance to catch some clever easter eggs as well as admire that extra bit of work to clue people in more on the film's comic roots.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its Ultimate Edition are available digitally today, June 28, 2016, with a Blu-ray release coming July 19, 2016.

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