'Batman V Superman': New 'Batsuit' & Affleck's 'Bat-Voice' Details

Batman V Superman Kryptonite Batsuit Affleck Voice

[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Read at your own risk.]


By now, movie fans have had time to grow accustomed to the idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But despite that, much of the recent news has been focused on the Bruce Wayne side of his persona, whether it's his scenes opposite Lex Luthor, or a visit to a personal piece of Wayne property. Thankfully, a new batch of details are focused squarely on Batman's side of that dual identity, and how he'll be handing Superman one of the biggest fights of is life.

There's been speculation for some time that Affleck would sport more than a single Batsuit over the course of the film, and the teaser footage shown at SDCC confirmed that besides the skin-tight cape and cowl outfit, Batman would also be donning a suit of heavy duty armor (another influence taken from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns"). Whether or not that will result in an old-fashioned brawl between Superman and an armored-Batman, the odds remain stacked against Affleck - or so we thought.

According to Batman-News, the suit of armor will be outfitted with Kryptonite and packing firepower beyond raw strength (in this case, "missiles"). The details are claimed to be secondhand from Ben Affleck's trainer on the film, Rehan Jalali. That implies these details be taken with a grain of salt, but there has been prior evidence that Snyder would be turning to Kryptonite to help even the playing field, despite keeping it absent from Man of Steel entirely.

Batman vs. Superman in The Dark Knight Returns

In addition to the presence of Kryptonite (or if following the comic series, "synthetic Kryptonite"), there is also word of two Batmobiles, although it's possible that the term may simply refer to more than one Bat-vehicle. Those hoping to see the results of Ben Affleck's workout regimen are also in luck, as his trainer reportedly mentions a shirtless scene revealing Bruce Wayne overlooking a "destroyed city." The destroyed city is likely Metropolis, and given the source of the rumors, we tend to believe audiences will get an eyeful of Wayne's battle-hardened body - whether or not it's as "beautifully shot" as the source claims.

Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Costume

But that only covers the body of Batman - what about the voice? Christian Bale learned firsthand that an actor's 'Bat-voice' can earn him fans or critics among even casual audiences, and the news has been - fittingly - silent where Ben Affleck's own voice is concerned. But the actor's wife, Jennifer Garner has provided her own description to Empire (courtesy of CBM):

'"We were not privy to the Batman voice at home, but I've been on set enough to hear bits of it. It's spot on. Growly and decisive and sexy, if I do say so myself! Exactly what you would hope it to be!"

That description fits with the emphasis Affleck himself placed on Bruce Wayne's anger, and hearing the voice is commanding or decisive will give another hint at how Batman will fulfill his own role among a big screen Justice League. The 'sexiness' of the voice... will likely be up to each viewer.

Fans may not have to wait long to hear what Affleck (and Snyder) have in store for their vision of Batman, with the first Dawn of Justice trailer coming sooner than expected. And if the trailer is as 'Batman-heavy' as rumored, there's no better time to unveil the look and sound of the character and, hopefully, show skeptics why Affleck was the director's first choice.

What are your own hopes for the voice and look of Affleck's Batman? Does this method of introducing Kryptonite into the film universe sound like a fitting one, or simply a necessary one?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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Source: Batman-News, Empire (via CBM)

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