'Batman V Superman': Ben Affleck Praises Zack Snyder & WB

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Now that filming has officially begun on Batman V Superman, fans are hungry to see any available details that the studio has kept under wraps so far. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck isn't giving any major information about his brand new Batman (aside from the character's unique anger issues), but seems to have nothing but kind words for the film's script, director Zack Snyder, and Warner Bros. in general.

Affleck - set to return to the front of the camera in David Fincher's Gone Girl - spoke with the Boston Globe about what drew him to the film, citing his interest in working with the mind behind Se7enFight Club, and The Social Network to improve his own directorial skills. While that will raise the hopes of every comic book fan hoping to see Affleck helm his own Batman movie one day, he wasn't prepared to drop

I can tell you that I’m very excited and it’s very exciting. I can tell you that in my entire career, I haven’t had so many people come up to me and say how much they’re looking forward to the movie. Naturally, that’s a lot of pressure, but I love the script, I love the director, I love the studio. I’m very much looking forward to it, but it’s two years away so it probably doesn’t bear talking about anymore.

Batman V Superman producer talks age for Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

We doubt that even Affleck's words will stop the speculation for now, although they are a sobering reminder: at this point, the notion that anyone in the film could - or would - reveal plot details is likely a false hope. Although Affleck did confirm that he is currently filming night scenes in Detroit, as the prior Batmobile set photos implied.

It sounds like Affleck feels he's said all he will about his role in the upcoming Justice League appetizer, but even skeptics should see that the actor's confidence is promising for fans. Given that Affleck is an Oscar-winning writer and director himself, his praise for Zack Snyder isn't given thoughtlessly.

The same goes for its writers, David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio (who scribed Affleck's Argo). What stands out is the fact that the actor also chose to mention his "love" for the studio.

Batman V Superman - Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill

Again, it's hard to expect Affleck to criticize Warner Bros.; but if the studio handling the future of DC Comics' cinematic universe is already handling its top-tier talent, that, too, is a strong sign. For his part, the actor has worn his excitement on his sleeve from the start, calling the initial pitch for Zack Snyder's Batman "incredible," and explaining that he would be happy to direct the right comic book movie someday. In other words: the initial meeting between he and WB clearly went well, no matter what direct impact it may have on the future.

With two to three years remaining before moviegoers get a real sense of what DC and WB's big screen Justice League will look like, we would have to side with Affleck in his implication that patience will be a valuable virtue for fans in the coming months. That's a tough pill to swallow, but what's important is that the world's newest Batman - a veteran talent in front of and behind the camera - is liking what he sees.

What are your feelings about Affleck's comments? Do they boost your hopes that WB's slower approach to a superhero universe will pay off, or does it seem like the kind of positive spin you'd expect from a star?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

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Source: Boston Globe

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