Batman V Punisher Fan Trailer: One Bad Day

Batman v Punisher Fan Film

A new fan video imagines what a big screen showdown between Batman and The Punisher would look like. On the surface, Bruce Wayne and Frank Castle have quite a lot in common: both were driven to clean up their respective cities after losing family members to criminals; they both primarily fight crime at night, on the alleys and backstreets of the inner city; both characters are also entirely human, yet have often been shown as capable of going toe to toe with those who are blessed with extraordinary abilities.

The main area where Batman and The Punisher differ is in their personal philosophy toward how to deal with crime. Batman - in at least most incarnations - has a strict rule against killing his enemies, instead preferring to try and let the justice system give the bad guys their just desserts. While this doesn't always work out for the best, Bruce believes it's the right thing to do. As for Castle, he sees those who would do harm to innocents as undeserving of humane treatment, and wiping them out as doing a service to humanity at large.

So, what would happen if The Dark Knight went up against the The Punisher? All hell would break loose, or at least that's the scenario that plays out within a new Batman v Punisher fan trailer created by Stryder HD. The trailer uses clips from Daredevil season 2, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the and SDCC trailer for Justice League to edit together a conflict between Ben Affleck's Batman and Jon Bernthal's Punisher. Check it out above.

The Punisher Nails Batman

While the main reason for choosing the Affleck and Bernthal versions of the two main characters was probably just that they're the current incarnations, the scenario presented above is actually made a little more morally grey by going with Batfleck, who - as many have pointed out - didn't really seem to care about killing criminals much in BvS.

On the other hand though, perhaps encountering the type of unrepentant killer that he might one day become would cause Batman to come to his senses, and become newly committed to his old code of honor. Still, when Frank tells Batman that all it would take is one bad day for him to snap, it's arguable that Frank doesn't know just right he might be about that.

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Source: Stryder HD

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