'Batman: Under The Hood' Next From DCU

We've already done some reporting on Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the next animated feature soon to be released from the excellent team over a DC Universe.

Well, DCU has released the info about their next animated feature after Crisis on Two Earths, which will be entitled Batman: Under the Hood, the same title of a storyline that ran in Batman comics a few years back. In addition to the title, the comic book and cartoon versions of Under the Hood will have another thing in common: the pen of writer Judd Winick. has confirmed the news. This will mark the second DCU animated feature focused solely on The Caped Crusader,  the first being Batman: Gotham Knight, which was released as a "midquel" between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, back in 2008.

In the "Under the Hood" storyline, a villain from Batman's past known as Red Hood resurfaces in Gotham City. Red Hood is of course an alias that has been used in the Batman universe by various villains at various times, most notably as an early criminal alias for the man who would eventually become The Joker.

The new Red Hood who surfaced in "Under the Hood" was less a criminal than an anti-hero; a violent vigilante bent on wiping Gotham clean of criminals like The Joker and Black Mask, the latter villain having taken hold of organized crime in Gotham at that time. While dealing with his criminal foes, Batman had to also sort out the mystery of Red Hood, eventually discovering more than he was prepared to face.

The animated version of Batman: Under the Hood is reportedly slated for release next Summer. No word yet on who will be included in the voice cast.


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