13Michelle Pfeiffer's whip accident

Michelle Pfieffer in Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer was a big fan of Catwoman as a little girl, so she felt heartbroken when a different actress, Annette Bening, was cast as the character in Batman Returns. Luck was on her side, though, as Bening had to drop out after becoming pregnant. Pfeiffer stepped in and was excited to

play the feline villain.

One of the things she did to make her performance extra credible was to spend months taking lessons in how to properly use Catwoman's signature whip. The actress told The Hollywood Reporter that those lessons didn't exactly get off to a great start. On the very first day, she accidentally nicked her trainer's face with the weapon, drawing blood. "It completely shattered me," she said of the mishap.

Fortunately, she got a lot better, going on to do all her own whip stunts in the film.

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