14Keifer Sutherland was supposed to play Robin

Keifer Sutherland - Robin

When Batman came out in the summer of 1989, many Dark Knight fans wondered why Robin wasn't part of it. The beloved sidekick didn't get a mention, nor was there an indication that he would appear in any potential sequels. Truth be told, Robin was supposed to be part of

the movie at one point, and Keifer Sutherland was approached to play the character.

Sutherland, whose career was hot coming off of Stand By Me and Young Guns, told On the Box that producers contacted him to gauge his interest. "I got a call which asked me if I would be interested in playing Robin," he said. "I was like, ‘as in Robin with tights? No!’ I didn’t realize they were going to make the coolest movie ever!"

The idea of including Robin was ultimately dropped, meaning we can only wonder whether he would have remained had Sutherland agreed to take the part.

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