Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 3 Trailer & Synopsis Arrive

Batman - Episode 3 - New World Order Official Trailer

Batman - The Telltale Series allows gamers to play as Batman or Bruce Wayne in a modern update of the "point and click adventure game" style. The acclaimed Telltale Games has developed a story around the Caped Crusader and the third episode in this five episode series is coming very soon. For fans that have been following along, this latest episode looks to be delivering some familiar faces.

As this is an ongoing plot, the game is continuing to play off how player's choices affects the story being told. Now, while, some details about this upcoming episode have been previously released, there is more to go on. Telltale Games has released an official launch trailer for, episode 3, "New World Order," which picks up where things left off. While you can view the trailer above, a synopsis can be seen below. Beware of some minor spoilers, if you're not caught up on the games so far.

"In Episode 3, Penguin's brutal attack broadcast on live TV has left Gotham City reeling. As Bruce and Batman, you'll dig deeper into the web of intrigue surrounding the newly revealed Children of Arkham. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, the mysterious Selina Kyle reveals more of herself to Bruce. And in the aftermath of the attack, Bruce's friend and Gotham's new mayor, Harvey Dent, is a deeply changed man. Who can be trusted when the future of Bruce Wayne - and the Batman - could be determined by the flip of a coin?"

Batman - Episode 3 - New World Order Official Trailer

In addition to telling an original Batman story, the game utilizes the visual style featured in other Telltale Games, which provides a very comic book-like feel to the animation. There is also a strong voice cast, as detailed in Telltale Games' press release concerning this upcoming episode:

"Rendered to look like a living, breathing comic book, Telltale's vision of Batman features an award-winning cast of talent, including Troy Baker in the role of Bruce Wayne,Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette as Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel as Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as Lieutenant James Gordon, Richard McGonagle as Carmine Falcone, Jason Spisak as Oswald Cobblepot, and Laura Bailey as Selina Kyle. Additional cast and characters will be revealed as the season progresses."

Having set a precedent for what to expect in these Batman episodes and really enjoying the story being told thus far, it is easy to have a lot of positive anticipation for what is to come next. Part of that comes from this game playing around with Batman mythology, in an effort to mix up some otherwise expected outcomes. Dealing with Catwoman, Penguin and a potential Two-Face in ways that are somewhat different than previous versions has allowed for some freshness, when it comes to the Dark Knight. Getting to spend a lot of time as Bruce Wayne is also a welcome change. Based on this trailer, it looks like things are going to get even more wild in terms of action.


Batman - The Telltale Series episode 1, “Realm of Shadows” and episode 2 “Children of Arkham” are available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, OS X and compatible Android and iOS devices. Episode 3, “New World Order”, will release on October 25.

Source: YouTube/Telltale Games

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