Telltale Games’ Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 Trailer

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The second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within now has a trailer, and it looks like this second installment of The Telltale Series' sophomore season will be chockfull of difficult choices. It’s already been revealed that the player’s actions in this episodic narrative will impact the Joker’s origins, and now it’s starting to become apparent how that dynamic will work.

Harley Quinn – as revealed in the previous promo video – is the new villain in town, and she seemingly comes fully formed with her iconic mallet, makeup, and costume. The Joker, however, is still in his prototype stage, going by the name of John Doe, and being reasonably amicable with Bruce Wayne. It’s easy to see how the wrong choice from Bruce could send John Doe running into Harley’s arms, inspiring him to become The Clown Prince Of Crime, in a reversal of the traditional Joker-creates-Harley origin.

This trailer gives fans an idea of how Harley will come onto the scene, and how everyone else will react. John Doe immediately thinks he’s in love, and Bruce Wayne starts down a dark path in order to save Gotham by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon doesn’t seem particularly impressed by Batman’s actions, and Amanda Waller is looming silently on a rooftop. Indeed, judging by this trailer, it looks like episode 2 will be an intricate narrative of twists and turns.

Harley Quinn Batman Telltale

Closer examination of this trailer makes it clear that Bruce will have to act like a criminal in order to unravel Harley’s plans. There’s certainly a lot of meaning in the image of Bruce in the back of a van, pulling on a balaclava as the door closes and the Bat-signal disappears from sight. It’ll also be interesting to find out more about this “leverage” that Gordon refers to, and whether it’s Quinn or Waller that has this power over Batman.

However - as fun as it is to speculate about Harley Quinn’s reign of terror, and how it will impact both the Joker’s origin and Bruce’s reputation - the standout moment of this trailer has to be its final seconds. Therein, a bulky man with a thick accent and a sleeveless shirt squares up to Batman. This must be Bane, although how exactly he factors into the story remains to be seen. Is he working alone, or with one of the other villains in the series? Only time will tell.

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Batman: The Enemy Within episode 2 will be available for download on October 2. It’s going by the title “The Pact”.

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