'Thor 2' Actress Jaimie Alexander is Talking to WB About 'Batman vs. Superman'

Jaimie Alexander in talks for Batman vs. Superman

Marvel Studios unveiled its second release for 2013, Thor: The Dark World, in multiple non-U.S. markets this week, ahead of the film's theatrical bow in the States. The superhero movie sequel has thus far earned solid reviews and is expected to reap more than enough box office treasure to ensure that Thor 3 will happen, as star Chris Hemsworth teased during our last interview with him.

Hemsworth's Thor franchise costar, Jaimie Alexander - who plays the mighty Asgardian warrioress Sif - has also indicated that a third adventure with the God of Thunder and his friends is on the way. However, the far more intriguing nugget of information that Alexander dropped recently is the revelation that she's been approached by Warner Bros. about the prospective DC Cinematic Universe - which begins its expansion in 2015, with Batman vs. Superman (a.k.a. Man of Steel 2).

Here is what Forbes blogger Mark Hughes Tweeted (hat tip to Bleeding Cool), about what Jaimie Alexander let slip during her appearance at this year's Stan Lee's ComiKaze convention:

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