Batman V Superman: 15 New Ultimate Edition Easter Eggs

Batman V Superman Ultimate Easter Eggs

[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and its Ultimate Edition.]


It's a question that we won't bother asking (for fear of the truth), but one that every comic book movie fan can truly grasp: what's more entertaining - watching a superhero blockbuster tell its dramatic story... or the tiny nods and fan service that gets the diehards leaping out of their seats? Luckily fans get to enjoy both, and in the case of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, a brand new version of the movie means even more easter eggs and hidden comic references to spot.

The extended, R-Rated director's cut released digitally as part of the "Ultimate Edition" of the film includes a TON of differences (read through our entire list and breakdown here), most of which add up to a version of the movie that is more polished and focused. So knowing how many fans - and critics - will be dying to see the version of the story Zack Snyder wished to tell, we've searched for the easter eggs that were the first to fall on the cutting room floor.

Whether it's more comic book nods, references to Snyder's previous work, or other DCEU properties, we're giving you all you need to know in our look at Batman V Superman: 15 New Ultimate Edition Easter Eggs.

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Batman V Superman Ultimate Talon Easter Egg

Director Zack Snyder let the cat out of the bag regarding Jimmy Olsen's (Michael Cassidy) role in the extended version of the movie, naming himself before being executed by an African general. But he's not the only character from DC Comics to get a namedrop in the sequence - or even in reference to the same character. When Jimmy drops dead, it's revealed that the CIA is monitoring the interview via satellite - sending troops on the ground in for damage control. The operative in the field who takes point is referred to only as 'Python' - and the man who was killed dubbed 'Talon.'

Normally we would write off these monikers as placeholder code names... but seeing just how in-depth the easter eggs and references go in the rest of our list, the choices seem too perfect to be coincidental. For starters, the figure known as 'Talon' was introduced by Scott Snyder as part of the acclaimed "Court of Owls" storyline that drew eyes to the "Batman" comic series in the New 52. And the desert-camo-ed 'Python'? Well, he's a DC Comics villain too. Who just so happened to make his debut in - wait for it - "Sandman."

14Delta Charlie 27

Batman V Superman Easter Egg Delta Charlie 27

When the action jumps from the fallout of the Nairomi incident, it heads immediately to Gotham City as two officers take in a football game in the comfort of their patrol car. This scene is packed with easter eggs, but we'll start with one of the cleverest. When the radio squawks alerting them to a call, it refers to the duo with the designation "Delta Charlie Twenty-Seven." Comic book historians and call sign enthusiasts will know that "Delta Charlie" signifies "DC" - as in DC Comics - with "Twenty-Seven" a fairly blatant reference to a specific issue.

Since DC took their name from the most successful book they published, "Detective Comics," you can guess where this one is headed: Issue #27 featured the now unforgettable debut of the masked vigilante known as The Bat-Man.

13The Football Game

Batman V Superman Ultimate Easter Egg Nixon 52

Make sure to look closely at the actual football game being watched for not one, but two easter eggs. It's not the game, or even the fans that hold the secret, but the players on the sideline along the bottom of the screen. One player is inexplicably holding up a massive photo of what looks to be President Richard Nixon (possibly signaling the quarterback to attempt yet another touchdown pass?). He's an unusual sight in the shot, and impossible to miss, just as he was in Zack Snyder's Watchmen; a story in which Nixon himself didn't know when to quit.

Take a quick peek beside him, and you'll also spot the only number visible on the Metropolis bench: 52, the now-mandatory nod to the 52 parallel worlds in the DC Multiverse, as well as the company's New 52 universe.

12Officers' Namesakes

Batman V Superman Ultimate Mazzucchelli

The easter eggs with the police officers don't end there, either. In the theatrical cut the two only appear in the shadowy abandoned building where Batman makes his debut. But in the Ultimate Edition, the introduction provides enough time - and enough light - to see their names clearly. We present Officers Mazzucchelli and Rucka - named for comic artists/writers David Mazzucchelli and Greg Rucka. Mazzucchelli would be best known to those in Gotham as the artist behind Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One." Rucka, on the other hand, should be just as relevant to the beat cops of the city thanks to his run on "Batman" following the "No Man's Land" arc, before co-creating the "Gotham Central" series and most of its cast. Two different talents pivotal in shaping the world of Batman and Gotham that comic fans now enjoy, and now seeing their shout-outs fully restored.

Batman V Superman Ultimate Watchmen Easter Egg
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