'Batman V Superman': Junkie XL Teases 'Awesome' Trailer & Music

Batman v Superman fan art by ErikVonLehmann2

After months and months of waiting and speculation, fans are finally going to get the first teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was revealed last week that the preview would be attached to theatrical prints of the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, meaning that there's a little over a month (as of this writing) before we get our first look at the superhero crossover.

The first impression is going to be an awfully important one, since Batman V Superman has been subject to a fair amount of skepticism since it was announced at Comic-Con 2013. Some are viewing this as Warner Bros.' rushed attempt to "catch up" to Marvel, so Snyder and his team are going to have to deliver the goods to convince the naysayers this was the way to go. Apparently, that's what's happening and we're getting a memorable trailer in May.

Dawn of Justice composer Junkie XL (who is handling the Batman portion of the film's score) took to Twitter to tease moviegoers about what they have in store. In addition to revealing that he and Hans Zimmer wrote original music specifically for the trailer, Junkie XL added one little tidbit that will make the anticipation for the trailer even higher than it already is now.

Check out his tweet below:

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