Top 4 Stories A 'Batman/Superman' Movie Should Adapt

Warner Bros. is using the success of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel to their advantage, as it has been confirmed that their next step will not be a sequel, but a Batman/Superman movie releasing in 2015.

The news is sure to send fans reeling, since a team-up film including both of DC's most bankable - and beloved - superheroes has been on the lips of many close to the project. Henry Cavill has voiced his interest in seeing the pair on screen, and Snyder's well-placed Man of Steel easter egg all but confirmed the studio's intent to some extent.

Pairing the last son of Krypton and Gotham's dark protector may seem like a guaranteed success, but the film will need a solid story. Batman/Superman stories are some of the best DC's writers have crafted, so here are the Top 4 Stories the Batman/Superman Movie Should Adapt.

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