'Batman vs. Superman' Fan-Made Trailer - How the 'Man of Steel' Sequel Could Work

Ben Affleck As Batman

Say what you will about Warner Bros., director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer's plans to include Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, but you cannot fairly accuse them of playing it safe. Indeed, the mere announcement of Batman vs. Superman (or possibly Superman vs. Batman) at the 2013 Comic-Con incited near-equal amounts of excitement, wariness and outrage amongst the hardcore comic book superhero fan community. Bear in mind, that was the situation before Ben Affleck had been cast as the Caped Crusader.

We here at Screen Rant have gone into depth with our examination of how Batfleck (as he's colloquially known) may prove to be an inspired creative decision; in addition to, having provided several reasons why a Batman/Superman feature may be the best next move for the DC Cinematic Universe right now. Helpfully, a fan has gone ahead and constructed a faux-teaser trailer for the Man of Steel sequel - one that illustrates what we've been saying about how this movie could work.

On the "Ben Affleck is Batman" installment of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, it was mentioned that Batman vs. Superman could be to The Dark Knight what Man of Steel is to Batman Begins; that is, the chapter that deals with the consequence of escalation resulting from the superhero's actions in the origin story installment. That direction seems all the more likely to be taken, if only because Goyer is the one writer to have worked on all four of the aforementioned DC comic book adaptations.

The fake Batman/Superman movie teaser trailer (posted by Youtube user "solyentbrak1") hints at the potential for intense conflict and drama that would be inherent to such a storytelling approach, just by cutting together clips from films/TV shows like Man of Steel, Breaking Bad, ContagionDaredevil and State of Play, among others - with Affleck playing Bruce Wayne, opposite Man of Steel cast members Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne (not to mention, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor).

Moreover, this fan trailer demonstrates just how the Ben Affleck version of Batman could stand on his own, even when stacked up against Christian Bale's take in director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Here, we see how Snyder's Bruce Wayne - officially described by the director as someone who "bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter" - could serve as a calculating, shrewd-minded and (not just a little) paranoid foil opposite Cavill as the well-meaning, yet emotionally-volatile Superman. The cynicism/optimism and brains/brawn dynamic between the characters offers enough drama to be mined, even before you figure the villainous Luther into the equation.

Obviously, there are still a number of variables that need to be accounted for, with respect to Batman vs. Superman - like, whether or not Lex Luthor is even going to be in the sequel (much less if Bryan Cranston or someone else will portray him). That said, if you know anyone who argues that this project is doomed to fail on principle alone - or remains convinced that Affleck is still the pretty boy-type from the early 2000s - then have them give this video a watch (and to consider everything that was mentioned in this article).

Are you hopeful that the real Batman vs. Superman trailer will look something like this fan video? What are your expectations for the Man of Steel sequel, right now?


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Youtube [via MTV]

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