'Batman vs. Superman' Filming Gotham vs. Metropolis Football Scene in LA?

Things didn't go so well for Gotham City's football team in The Dark Knight Rises (Bane rigging the playing field with explosives didn't help), but maybe things will turn out better for the college athletes from Batman's home in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel - otherwise (read: unofficially) known for the time being as director Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman.

Snyder and director of photography Larry Fong (300, Watchmen) aren't expected to begin filming scenes with Batman vs. Superman main cast members - including, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Ben Affleck as the new face of Bruce Wayne - until early 2014. Nonetheless, a report is making the rounds, claiming that Snyder will shoot footage for his Man of Steel sequel this weekend in Los Angeles, during the upcoming football game between East Lost Angeles College and Victor Valley College.

Back in September 2013 (i.e. last month, at the time of writing this), Batman News reported on a Batman vs. Superman casting call for extras in the LA area for October 19th. However, that ended up being cancelled (until further notice) when it was announced that the scene in question was under consideration to be cut from David S. Goyer's screenplay. (On an additional note: the company behind the Batman vs. Superman casting call was the same one that sent out the Heinz Field casting call for The Dark Knight Rises.)

Batman Vs Superman Logoish

Jump ahead to the present and East Los Angeles College Campus News (as uncovered by Latino Review) is reporting that Warner Bros. has announced through a press release that Snyder and his Batman vs. Superman producers are looking for people in the LA area to play extras at the October 19th Husky football game at the ELAC Weingart staudium (preferably, ELAC students). The stadium and its occupants are intended to serve as the backdrop for a scene in the Man of Steel followup, depicting a football game between the Gotham City University and rival Metropolis State University football teams; as such, filming will only involve "three plays during halftime [and] capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions."

Put the pieces together and it sounds as though the Batman vs. Superman casting call that Batman News reported on last month was not only legitimate, but that the sequence (as described above) was the one that was being considered for elimination. That suggests that the scene in question may not be all that important in the grand scheme of things in the Man of Steel sequel.

Still, the implication that Snyder, Goyer and the Batman vs. Superman producers gave serious thought to cutting this sequence could be taken as evidence that they've since realized that it's more essential to development of the central story conflict than you might think, at a passing glance. That is, how the scene reflects upon the battle of wills between an inexperienced Ka-El - who inadvertently did his part to reduce chunks of Metropolis to rubble in Man of Steel - and a more experienced Bruce Wayne, who's spent years patrolling his crime-infested Gotham City as the Caped Crusader.

Either way, the vast majority of exterior shots and on-location shoots for Batman vs. Superman will take place in Detroit next year - hopefully, for the better, in part because Snyder will work again with his trusted cinematographer, Fong (the two were unable to collaborate on Man of Steel).


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman NewsEast Los Angeles College Campus News (via Latino Review)

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