'Batman V Superman': New Villain, Hero & Plot Detail Rumors

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Now that production has finished on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice we can start to move away from the mountain of speculation, and towards more concrete details about what the film - which features possibly THE most iconic superhero team-up of them all - will offer.

But while fans wait for a trailer or more solid story/character details, we still have only the rumor mill to go by. However, with a working script already put to film, we can probably say that there's higher probability that any Batman V Superman rumors coming our way at this point are going to be a lot more credible.


The Latest Plot/Character Rumors

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Badass Digest is once again dropping rumors about what all is going down in Dawn of Justice, and here are some tidbits about the initial setup of the film:

  • The movie opens with a flashback of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) arriving in Metropolis during Superman's fight with General Zod. We get to know the new Batman here.
  • Dawn of Justice actually takes place a few years after Man of Steel, when Superman (who is the focus) has established himself as a hero - with some obvious detractors like Lex Luthor and Batman.
  • Clark Kent and Lois Lane are still together - living together in fact - and are working at the Daily Planet.
  • Clark is covering fluff pieces for the Planet (like a certain Metropolis vs. Gotham football game that may or may not introduce Cyborg). However, his personal area of interest is investigating The Batman.
Man of Steel Ending - Superman Kills Zod

Moving on, here are some alleged details from the actual story of the film - including how Superman is perceived after killing Zod in Man of Steel:

  • While covering a story in the Middle East, Lois requires a save from Superman. This causes an international incident, as other nations see Supes as an American weapon.
  • General Swanwick (Harry Lennix) has supposedly come around to supporting Superman. When the final battle comes (Doomsday is name-dropped) it's Swanwick who vouches for Supes' ability to win the battle - safely, away from human casualties (wink, wink).
  • At one point, after stopping an unnamed villain's scheme, Superman tells him that he's not going to break his neck, he's going to take him to jail instead (WINK! WINK!).


Previous Plot Rumors/Details

Batman V Superman Commissioner Gordon Rumor

Now that you've read the latest rumors, here are a few things we heard before (or recently since the film has finished up production):


Lex Luthor vs Batman

Ever since Batman V Superman was announced, fans have figured on a story that feels something like this; i.e., the controversial ending of Man of Steel provoking characters both good (Batman) and bad (Luthor) to question the danger of a world with Superman in it.

Additional details in today's rumor report also synch up to what fans have been speculating about for some time - specifically ever since this film's Justice League connections were made evident in the title. We knew that there could only be a handful of villains able to draw Superman, Batman AND Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) into some kind of major third-act alliance - so hearing Doomsday's name dropped again is little surprise.

Superman Doomsday Movie Rumors

Doomsday is a threat that could conceivably be spawned within LexCorp - whether through genetics research, or as part of the early machinations by another villain like Brainiac, who is rumored to be the villain in Justice League.

As we've repeatedly pointed out, Doomsday is also just a great mindless physical threat for heroes like Superman or Wonder Woman to beat on - while Batman's technological and strategic prowess could be utilized to defeat the unstoppable brute.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Movie Suits

How do you feel about the latest rumored character/plot details? (Beyond casting) is this the sort of Batman/Superman movie you always hoped to see?

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Badass Digest

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