Batman's New Son is His WEIRDEST Sidekick Yet

Batman, The Dark Knight, Father of Jarro

The moment is small enough that many fans might miss it completely, especially since it only comes when the Justice League has been decisively beaten by the cosmic villains of the event. But as the final lines of defense between Batman in the Hall of Justice and the threats outside come crashing down, he grabs hold of Jarro's... jar, and flees for safety. When asking the small psychic if he is able to telepathically reach any of the other heroes, Jarro's response drops the bomb: "I'm getting nothing, Dad. No one."

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The sudden reveal that Jarro, once a fragment of Starro the Conqueror growing into its own individual creature, has come to view Batman as his father is unexpected, to say the least. Even more surprising is the fact that Bruce doesn't correct, or even comment on that presumed relationship. Perhaps Batman's warm reception to the apparent adoption of Jarro as his latest child sidekick has something to do with Bruce recently losing Nightwing as a son. Or, for those who like their Batman stories cold and distant, perhaps he realizes that Jarro's telepathic abilities make it the most powerful "Robin" he's ever recruited.

Will Batman's Son Jarro Survive The Event?

The final pages of Justice League #11 are an emotional roller coaster, dropping the heartwarming revelation of the Batman-Jarro, Father-Son dynamic, and immediately following it up with a devastating defeat. And as Jarro asks his father if they're going to survive the world-ending disaster, the surprise arrival of a seemingly-victorious Legion of Doom appears to seal their fate. But ťhen, the Legion may not know that a fragment of a cosmic conqueror still breathes, nestled safely under Batman's wing, both literally and figuratively. And even at his young age, Jarro is a force to be reckoned with.

We will spend the remaining days until the next issue in the story, like so many other DC readers and devoted Bat-fans, hoping that this new bond between Bruce and the alien starfish in a jar he is fine with calling his newest son is built to last. For the record, we're assuming that Jarro is a "he" like his father, but the vague link between Starro and reconstituted Jarro means Bruce Wayne may just as easily have a new daughter (or gender-less alien addition to his already blended family).

Whichever turns out to be accurate, the stage is set for some serious heartbreak. Whether it's the Legion of Doom now standing before Batman and Jarro, eager for any leverage to apply, or the proven heroic sacrifices that Starro is prone to, Jarro is in grave danger of not living to see the end of the event. On the one hand, that would seem a waste of Batman's newest adopted child sidekick. On the other... Jarro IS already prepared inside of a memorial glass tube that Batman is so fond of when it comes to decorating his Batcave. We'll be crossing our fingers, either way.

Justice League #11 is available now from DC Comics.

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