Batman's New Son is His WEIRDEST Sidekick Yet

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice League #11

Batman has called many of his sidekicks sons and daughters, but his newest 'child' is, without a doubt, the weirdest creature to ever call Bruce Wayne their father. In the process, giving Batman his most powerful - and most adorable son yet.

Considering that Batman is the most important Justice League hero DC has, earning the rank of his sidekick, let alone his adopted son or daughter is reserved for the best of the best. And in the pages of Justice League, the comic book version of Batman has apparently bestowed that honor upon an alien psychic. And not just any psychic, either - but a fragment that once belonged to Starro the Conqueror, the very first villain that the League faced alongside Batman. Or, as the creature now calls him, "Dad."

First Off: Starro is a Superhero Now (Was)

As readers can probably already tell, the world of Justice League has gone through some intensely strange changes of circumstance over the last few months. For starters, Brainiac turned out to be a good guy, recruiting the most powerful psychics of Earth and beyond to defend the universe. That included Starro the Conqueror, the aforementioned supervillain who actually united the League against him in his first comic appearance. Fans who had recently seen writer Scott Snyder's affection for the character weren't surprised to see him pop back up, joining the team as an unlikely good guy, and quipping about heroism with Martian "Marty" Manhunter.

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But when the cosmic threats the team was organized to fight got the upper hand, and only Starro stood a chance of holding the line, he took the assignment, and discovered his true heroism in the process. Sadly, Starro earned a hero's death, and it seemed his time as part of the Justice League was over as quickly as it began. But soon after, Batman revealed that he had managed to hold on to a small piece of the alien psyshic... which was already growing a mind of its own.

Meet Jarro, The Piece of Starro in a Jar

Even cosmic crises must eventually pass, so the heroes of the Justice League eventually moved on to the next mystery likely part of the reason the DC Universe is dying. But in an uproarious and unexpected concession from Snyder, Justice League #10 revealed that Batman was now relying on a pint-sized psychic to conduct interrogations: its name is "Jarro," and it was once a piece of Starro. A piece that apparently can grow into its very own independent creature, blessed with the same psychic powers as the original Starro the Conqueror.

For everyone's safety, Batman apparently decided to keep it living in a jar. Starr, in a jar... "Jarro." The small, psychic response from Jarro ("What.") implied it had yet to truly integrate itself into the team, but the latest issues have shown just how far Bruce and Jarro's relationship has come. As the rest of the team is scattered across the Earth and space as part of the massive Aquaman: Drowned event, leaving only Batman and Jarro behind, it becomes clear that the small alien has assumed the role of Bruce Wayne's newest child. Seriously.

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