The TRUE Origin of Batman's Logo is Finally Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS for Detective Comics #1000

The gun that killed Batman's parents may be the single most important weapon in the history of DC Comics. And thanks to an iconic team of storytellers in Detective Comics #1000, the true fate of the gun has been revealed in the most beautiful way possible.

The landmark issue of Detective Comics is FILLED with short stories fans will be talking about for years to come, told by some of the industry's most respected writers and artists. And with writer/director Kevin Smith joining forces with Jim Lee and Scott Williams (Batman: Hush), fans knew they were in for something special. Even so, they're not going to be ready for this touching tale, guaranteed to be incorporated into comic book canon for thousands of fans.

As Detective Comics #1000 reveals, the weapon that tore apart Bruce Wayne's life is also the thing that keeps his new identity alive. So that he may fight in honor of his parent's death, and use their memory to protect, and no longer wound. Get your Kleenex ready, Batman fans.

Joe Chill's Gun... Forever Lost?

Everyone even casually aware of Batman knows the scene in which Thomas and Martha Wayne are shot to death in a Gotham City alley. Regardless of the motivations, or whether or not Joe Chill pulled the trigger in a given version of the tale, the point is the same. Young Bruce survives, but his life does not. He is transformed into an avenger of the innocent, fighting to prevent the same tragedy from striking others--and refusing to use the weapon that stole his parents' lives.

But that doesn't address the actual gun used to murder the Waynes, leaving future writers to address the weapon in their own way. In the Justice League movie, Batman had Joe Chill's gun in a display case in the Batcave, just like Thomas Wayne in DC's Flashpoint timeline. A reminder of why he does what he does... but intensely dark, when you think about it. For Detective Comics #1000, Kevin Smith finds a better way to pay tribute.

Batman Finds The Gun That Killed His Parents

Joe Chill's gun has been glimpsed a few times over the years, but in mainline DC Comics continuity, the canonical location or fate of the pistol hasn't been established. The short story "Manufacture for Use" by Smith, Lee, and Williams finally solves that mystery, with Bruce donning his go-to undercover identity of 'Matches Malone,' seeking out a black market collector of true crime 'souvenirs'--mementos of Gotham's most iconic villainy.

The shop has a few Easter Eggs for Batman fans, but there's only one thing Bruce has come looking for: a gun. Not just any gun either, but the one that ended the life of Thomas and Martha Wayne, which the vendor remarks "must've broke their poor kid." For a cool $1,500 the gun is returned to Bruce... allowing him to decide its fate, once and for all. Beware, heart-wrenching SPOILERS incoming.

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