Casting Batman's Rogues Gallery For the DCEU

The Batman solo movie (as well as future installments) will undoubtedly need its fair share of villains, meaning the DCEU will need to start casting Batman's rogues gallery sometime soon. The iconic set of DC supervillains are a force to be reckoned with and are arguably second to none. While characters such as the Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) have already been cast, there are plenty of other bad guys on the list that require attention as well.

At the moment, it's unclear who will be appearing in the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe and when they will make their debut, especially since the studio seems to be prioritizing the characters they already have in the shared universe (e.g. Harley Quinn), but that doesn't mean they can't start looking into casting these roles. Casting takes time, and after all, some DCEU actors joined the shared universe years ago and have yet to appear on screen, such as Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam). Note that the following actors and actresses were chosen based on their plausibility of being cast in their respective roles. Warner Bros. simply can't get superstars for every part; otherwise, production budgets for these movies would balloon to absurd amounts.

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Josh Gad as Penguin

Josh Gad has been subtly campaigning for the role of Penguin in the DCEU over the past year, and admittedly, he'd be rather great in the role. Aside from possessing the appropriate physical attributes (and we're not talking about the Tim Burton version of Penguin), Gad also has an extensive range as an actor. Unfortunately, he's just not always given to opportunity to express that range.

Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin, is certainly a weird character. Looking beyond what makes him the Penguin, Oswald boils down to being a traditional mobster but one with an impressive track record of getting people to do what he wants. Penguin is cunning and calculating in a way that's unlike the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, and that's partly what makes him interesting. Gad was able to give a performance similar to that, though not quite exactly to that extent, in Kenneth Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express remake.

Jon Hamm as Two-Face

Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart both left their marks on Two-Face on the big screen, so the DCEU version would to differentiate from those roles - one of which was comical and gimmicky and the other was more realistic. Given Bruce Wayne's line from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice about how many good guys being left in Gotham, it's presumable that he was at least talking about Harvey Dent.

It would be great if Two-Face was already established in the DCEU, with someone like Jon Hamm playing him. Remember, Hamm has been up for a number of superhero roles in the past, so facing off against Ben Affleck's Batman wouldn't be a hard sell. Furthermore, Hamm did a fantastic job playing both the good guy (someone who wants to be on the main character's side) and the bad guy (the person who wants to take down said main character) in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. Hamm's previous roles all prove that he has what it takes to deliver an exceptional version of Two-Face.

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