Warner Bros. Officially Casts Robert Pattinson as Batman

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Robert Pattinson is going to be the star of The Batman after all. Ever since rumors first popped up that Ben Affleck may not stick around in the DC universe to play Batman, who will step into the suit after him has been one of the biggest questions for fans. Director Matt Reeves now has control of the property and is reportedly going to use The Batman as a reboot of what Affleck and Zack Snyder did with the character to this point by going back to the earlier years of the Dark Knight.

With a younger Bruce Wayne needed, it was recently reported that the frontrunner to get the highly coveted role is the former Twilight star, Robert Pattinson. However, shortly after that report arrived, several other sources pointed to Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson still being in the mix. Most recently, it was said that Pattinson and Hoult were doing screen tests for the role.

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A decision has now been made according to Deadline. The outlet is reporting that Warner Bros. has approved Reeves' choice to make Pattinson the new Batman. While this initial report states that a deal has not yet been made, The Wrap reports that Pattinson has closed a deal. He will be the seventh person to play Batman on the big screen in live-action movies.

Although Pattinson's biggest role so far has been Edward in the Twilight franchise, taking on the role of Batman will be the next defining chapter of his career. It marks a return to the big-budget franchise films he has veered away from after his days as a vampire, where he instead focused on smaller independent films to show his range. He'll go on to star in The Batman after working with Christopher Nolan on his new film Tenet, so maybe Pattinson will get some pointers on how to handle the pressure of the Batman franchise from the man who delivered some of his best live-action appearances.

Not only is the casting of Pattinson great for his career and The Batman as a whole, it also shows more positive movement on the project. There have been reports that Penguin and Catwoman will be two of the villains in the movie, so it may not be long before they are cast now. Josh Gad has long teased that he could be in the mix for Penguin, while some speculation has turned to the shortlist of Batman actors who lost out on the titular role as possible casting choices for other villain roles. There is no need to rush these decisions with a 2021 release date set, but they will become the next priority for The Batman now that Pattinson is lined up to star.

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Sources: Deadline, The Wrap

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