Batman Just Made RED HOOD The World's Most Wanted Man

Batman and Red Hood have been enemies in DC Comics before, but Bruce Wayne's latest case just made Jason Todd Earth's biggest target.

Event Leviathan Batman Red Hood Fabok Variant

Warning: SPOILERS for Event Leviathan #2

Jason Todd has never been a perfect hero, either in Robin's cape or beneath the mask of Red Hood. But things have changed in DC's Universe... as Batman just singled Jason out as the biggest threat in the world. Seriously.

The story comes as part of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's massive Event Leviathan, a shocking string of terrorist attacks that have wiped out Earth's most powerful intelligence organizations, and caused thousands of operatives to vanish in their wake. It's all part of a master plan that the Justice League and the rest of DC's heroes are struggling to decipher. The same goes for the true identity of the group's mysterious leader, determined to create a new world order... and Batman has one suspect in mind.

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The case has picked up speed in the pages of Event Leviathan #2, now that Jason Todd has arrived at the scene of one Leviathan's most recent "attacks." It's a mystery even the Red Hood can't resist, and Batman reunites with his former Robin to offer an invitation to his new team of the world's greatest detectives.

Event Leviathan Batman and Red Hood

For those who may have missed the key attacks, abductions, kills, and early gameplan of "DC's biggest threat," we're happy to report that word of Leviathan's influence has not been exaggerated. In surprise strikes around the world, Leviathan has managed to erase ARGUS, Spyral, the D.E.O., Cadmus, even Kobra Cult and Task Force X--in a single day. And we do mean "erase," as in causing everyone employed by them (or previously employed by them) to vanish without a trace. But the worst part is that the figure who assembled the group, revealed to be Talia al Ghul, has lost control of the organization.

Leviathan is now a complete unknown, a mysterious masked villain teased to be a key figure guaranteed to shock fans. However, Bendis has claimed that fans WILL be able to solve this mystery based on the evidence supplied to fans with each new issue. Evidence that is weighed out and analyzed by Jason Todd once Batman puts him on the spot. His suspicion? That the heroes who have been strangely and inexplicably spared, even protected from the attacks were left to become suspects as the new Leviathan covering their trail. But for fans, the most intriguing detail is the one which opens the door to the idea that the true Leviathan isn't necessarily a villain.

The fact that no physical bodies have ever been left behind at any of the scenes is one detail nagging Jason. Even so, Jason Todd has never been a joiner, so it's no surprise he doesn't jump at the invitation to Batman's "detective team." Instead he decides to let Batman bring him up to speed on what new evidence and possible suspects Batman and the other sleuths have gathered so far.

Batman and Red Hood in DC Leviathan Comic

Characters like DC's top reporter Lois Lane, Green Arrow, Manhunter, and Plastic Man make less sense than Batman, Robin, and The Question, but they've all witnessed events and raised theories compelling enough to be drawn into the investigation. Especially after The Question intercepted an assassination attempt by Leviathan, and found the gunman was thought to be one of the group's victims (alive and now serving them, as opposed to vaporized in an explosion). But things rose to a new level when Plastic Man crossed paths with the masked mastermind themselves. The villain offers membership to the Justice League, apparently believing themselves to be right. After coming from humble beginnings, and seeing the faults and flaws with Earth's authorities, they have decided it is time for a change.

It's a testament to Jason Todd's own detective skills, deduction, and intuition that on apparently no notice, he runs through all of the same questions and conclusions as all of the aforementioned heroes combined. But as Batman confirms each step proposed, and each theory offered is exactly what he has deduced already, Jason realizes the truth beneath this meeting. Batman's proposed team of detectives has clearly already been contacted, and their knowledge pooled to form theories pertaining to the true identity of Leviathan... which has led them straight to Jason.

Red Hood and Batman Family DC Leviathan

The reveal of the assembled heroes wanting to know "why he did it" is not enough to faze the fearsome Red Hood, of course. The theory offered is that Jason has suffered a psychotic break following the death of his best friend, when Roy Harper was killed by The Flash in Heroes in Crisis. It's even proposed that Jason may be acting as Leviathan through a dissociated identity. While intriguing, these theories and accusations aren't ones that Jason is going to consider. One could argue Jason Todd is a good enough detective to realize THIS is what Leviathan's fabricated mystery has been leading towards.

Deciding that there is only one thing he can do to solve this case and find the actual identity of the big bad... Jason runs. With not only Batman's team of detectives, but every other hero around the globe looking to stop him from installing his "next phase" of Event Leviathan. The old world's authorities have been wiped from the board. Now it's time to grow a new one in their place. Hopefully more answers will arrive in Issue #3, but for now read below for the official details and synopsis:

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Art: Alex Maleev
  • Cover: Alex Maleev
  • Variant Cover: Jason Fabok
  • “The Detectives”! EVENT LEVIATHAN, the new miniseries by the award-winning team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, continues! As the mystery of Leviathan continues to rock the very foundations of the DC Universe, the world’s greatest detectives gather for the first time anywhere to solve the mystery before it’s too late! Lois Lane leads Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Manhunter, the Question and a couple of genuine guest sleuths in the search for who Leviathan is and how their plans have already unfolded. This issue also guest-stars Red Hood, Batgirl and more!

Event Leviathan #2 is available at your local comic book shop, or direct from DC Comics.

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