15He’s an incredible fighter

Batman hitting a guy in the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman

When we see Batman in combat, we’ve come to expect some pretty extravagant and exciting scenes, especially following the fights gamers have taken part in during their time with the Arkham video game series.

Live-action fighting in superhero films and television shows has certainly evolved throughout

the times; we’ve moved further away from West’s comic book-esque "KAPOW" sequences and more into the grittier side of things. This really allows Affleck’s version of Batman to come across as one of the most violent, dangerous and unpredictable Caped Crusader’s we’ve ever seen.

Bale held the title as best Batman fighter following his time in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but after being completely decimated by Tom Hardy’s Bane in Dark Knight Rises, it became clear he was a man who could be broken.

Affleck’s Batman, however, could have wiped out Bane in a minute. In fact, it took the alien that is Superman to give this hero a worthy adversary. Even then, Batman came out on top.

Batman Yelling on Detective Comics Cover
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