Batman's New Robin is His Favorite EVER (Ours Too)

Batman has chosen his favorite Robin ever - and no surprise, it's his son. Not Damian, but Jarro the psychic alien starfish. Wise choice.

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice League #20

Batman has claimed many versions of Robin as a sidekick, and raised more than one child to be his next successor. But finally, one has been selected as Bruce Wayne's favorite ever. And for once, Batman's decision is one we absolutely agree with.

It's not going to be the version of Robin that many fans will hope, with Batman comics having previously demonstrated Nightwing's importance to the DC Universe. But despite the success and acclaim of his run on the New 52's Batman series, Scott Snyder saved one of his greatest Bat-characters for the current Justice League. A character, a sidekick, but more than anything, a story too beautiful to truly appreciate in the moment.

It is the child that chose Batman for a father, and whom Bruce has now seemingly accepted as his son... and the version of Robin that Batman has named his favorite. "No, I mean it. My favorite ever." Readers aren't worthy of such a love story.

Batman's Son, Jarro The Psychic Starfish

For those casual fans of DC Comics who haven't kept up to date with the recent Justice League relaunch, or the galaxy-spanning events of Justice League: No Justice, this story twist is going to throw you for a bit of a loop. But believe us when we tell you that despite the few scenes that make up the tale so far, the growing bond between Batman and Jarro, the pint-sized Starro is the feel-good story of the year. And it all started when the heroes of DC's Universe decided to give the original Starro a second chance to be a cosmic hero, instead of a villain.

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Starro, the alien conqueror the Justice League formed to stop (back in 1960). Starro, the gigantic psychic starfish that deploys miniature versions of itself to slap onto the heads of victims and override their brain activity, becoming drones. Starro, the telepath asked by the Justice League to save countless worlds as part of No Justice. Starro who died a hero's death when he accepted, and was thought lost for good because of it.

Thankfully, Snyder and Francis Manapul gave Starro a hero's legacy as well (and set the tone of the coming Justice League saga in the process) by the surprise arrival of Jarro, a miniature version of Starro that Batman had somehow managed to keep alive inside of a jar. Having named him Jarro (obviously), the true meaning of their bond became clear when the Hall of Justice was attacked by the Legion of Doom, and Batman sprung into action to save both of their lives... as Jarro panicked and sought comfort from his "Dad" along the way.

That comfort has been returned by Batman to this point, clearly just fine with Jarro viewing him as a father. But now, this bond has grown even stronger. Not only does Batman see Jarro as his "son," he's honoring him as his favorite Robin to date... uniform and all.

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