Batman's New Movie Batsuit: The Best Comic Choices

Best Batman Comic Batsuit Designs

Now that Ben Affleck is out as Batman, and the next version of Bruce Wayne is being created for director Matt Reeves' The Batman, it's time to discuss the real challenge: the invention of a brand new Batsuit.

It's the most hotly debated aspect of any Batman movie reboot, TV show, or even comic book relaunch. And over the years, the results have ranged from Michael Keaton's legendary rubber armor, to Armie Hammer's better-left-behind Justice League: Mortal Batsuit. But no matter which actor is cast as the new Batman, and for how long they are planned to stay in the role, they have the chance--nay, the obligation to make a new Batsuit of their own

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So with that in mind, we're going back to the world of DC Comics to see which of Batman's uniforms and re-imagined suits is ready for live action. Here are our hopes and predictions for Batman's New Movie Batsuit: The Best Comic Choices.

6. The Earth One Batsuit

Batman Batsuit in Earth One Comic

No matter how Zack Snyder's films were received by critics, or those wishing to move on may dismiss every aspect of the movies, there were plenty of movie fans who found both the Man of Steel suit and Ben Affleck's Batsuit impressive designs. At once completely loyal to modern comic source material, while also re-imagined using real world textures and colors. So if the rebooted Batman wants to stick with what worked, then the Earth One Batsuit seems to split the difference. The suit created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank for their Earth One series hit the bullseye: at a distance checking off all requirements of a Batsuit, but up close, something genuinely different from the DC standard (and therefore different from Affleck's).

Grey fabric? Check. Cape, cowl, and chest logo? Check. The Earth One Batsuit doesn't reinvent the wheel, but implies a more... refined, perhaps even science-fiction-y Bruce Wayne. Calling the one-piece cowl, cape, and chest insignia slightly space suit-esque might be reaching, but Gary Frank's art always communicated Bruce's suit as textile, not spandex or a compression layer. It would make sense for a younger, thinner (than Affleck) Batman whose suit feels closer to Deadpool's than Superman's in terms of sophistication. And would communicate from the very first image and poster that this is NOT a take on Batman fans have seen before.

5. The Superheavy Batsuit

Batman Comic Batsuit Superheavy

Assuming that Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves may want to take a bigger swing, and truly differentiate the older, more brutal Bruce Wayne from a newer, younger, more modern version, there may be reason to look at Batman's New 52 "Superheavy" arc. No, we're not suggesting that Bruce Wayne should pilot a Bat-mech (we're also not NOT saying that). We're referring to the bodysuit that Jim Gordon wore underneath the armor, and could rely on when stepping into a fight, or a case without his robotic backup.

The Superheavy suit would also open the door to re-imagining certain elements of the Batsuit. For instance, that yellow chest insignia has more than once been explained in the comics to be a target - a subconscious way of luring enemies into firing guns where the Batsuit is most thickly protected. If that idea were made today, wouldn't it make more sense to have a logo that gives off a low light than one painted yellow... meaning it would be least effective in the darkness, where Batman operates? And we know, we know, how could anyone imagine a Batsuit without a cape? But Bruce has to learn the effectiveness of a cape somehow, so what better way than to start him off without one?

4. The Batman: Gothtopia Batsuit

Batman White Batsuit in Gothtopia Comic

Not every single Batsuit needs to be met with unanimous approval or disgust, since it's often the smallest details that are picked up, refined, or expanded upon by subsequent comic book artists. Case in point: the Batsuit debuted in Detective Comics' "Gothtopia" storyline (above artwork by Jason Fabok). Set in a dreamlike utopia version of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne took to the streets during the daytime, in a gleaming suit of white armor.

Clearly we aren't arguing for a white Batsuit on film, but the physical texture, implied practical elements, and tactile nature of the Gothtopia Batsuit seems too original to toss aside. A mixture of armor plates, thickly woven material, and a cowl that doesn't try to 'pretend' its not a fabric helmet, the Gothtopia Batsuit could be a strong foundation for a new Batsuit. Especially if this is an earlier model crafted by Bruce Wayne in his beginning years.

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