New Batman Game Won't Feature Kevin Conroy as Batman

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It sounds as if Kevin Conroy will not be returning to lend his iconic vocal talents to the caped crusader in Warner Bros. Montreal's next Batman game. Admittedly, very little is known outside of a few teases for the next Batman game, which includes hints at the storyline it will follow. The current belief is that the game will be centered around the Court of Owls, with several other leagues (shoutout to the League of Assassins) rounding out its cast of, presumably, unfriendly characters.

Of course, a Batman game wouldn't be quite complete without... well, Batman. DC Comics' dark knight is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, so one would think that the Batman would appear in his own game. While it's still entirely possible that Bruce Wayne/Batman will be featured in this Court of Owls-inspired adventure, he won't be voiced by beloved voice actor Kevin Conroy if he does.

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During an interview between Kevin Conroy and the publication JOE, the actor admitted that he wouldn't be returning to voice Batman in Warner Bros. Montreal's new game. His response to the inquiry: "I'm not." After being told how disappointing that was to hear, Conroy responded by stating "I know. I don't know why." Indeed, we don't know why either, as it would be rather odd to omit the actor–although it's not exactly unheard of.

New Batman Game Tease WB Montreal Court Owls League Assassins

Warner Bros. Montreal's previous entry in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins replaced Conroy with voice actor Roger Craig Smith in the role. Given that the game featured a younger Bruce Wayne (hence the 'origins' subtitle), the casting changeup made sense. In that light, it's entirely possible that the decision was made in order to pursue an adventure that takes place before Rocksteady's Batman Arkham trilogy.

Another possibility is that the game takes place after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, as that game puts a bow on Bruce Wayne's adventure as Batman. In that light, is it possible that someone could have taken up the mantle of the hero in his absence? Perhaps this Court of Owl-focused romp will instead throw Nightwing or another one of the Robins into the limelight?

It's also entirely possible that Kevin Conroy is under a non-disclosure agreement and couldn't disclose any details about his involvement in the project. Yeah, people are free to straight-up lie about their involvement in things that aren't yet announced. Conroy's comments on his involvement with the teased Batman project is a head-scratching conundrum worthy of the world's greatest detective... or perhaps everything will be made more clear if everyone just waits. They'll have to announce something sooner or later, right?

Plus, Batman is still in Fortnite for anyone that's jonesing a role-playing session as the Gotham mainstay.

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Source: JOE

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