Casting The New Batman Actor: The Best Ben Affleck Replacements

The time has come for Ben Affleck to officially retire his Batman, passing the baton to a new actor. The new version of Bruce Wayne will make his debut in Matt Reeves' upcoming movie, set years earlier in the Dark Knight's career. And with the casting now underway, we have a few actors in mind that we're certain who could play a younger Batman.

We won't be alone, as rumors of Ben Affleck's departure have circled since before Justice League even released. As reports of a new actor starring in The Batman gained steam, either to formally replace Affleck or simply portray a much younger Bruce, frontrunners and rumored contenders began to emerge. Every DC Comics fan is guaranteed to have their favorites out of the rumored shortlist - Armie Hammer's "psychotic" Batman, for instance - but we think some names have slid below the radar. And since Keanu Reeves would rather play Wolverine, we've assembled our list of other actors who could be relied upon to fill Ben Affleck's empty, and slightly younger shoes.

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A quick note on our selections: since director Matt Reeves has said his 'young Batman movie' is set within the DC movie universe, and therefore will be at least implicitly lead to Affleck's older, grizzled Batman, we've tried to find actors that fit that general mold. If the studio chooses to turn The Batman into a full-blown reboot, then the limits will be removed completely. But for now, we've tried to select young(er) actors who could believably grow into the Bruce Wayne seen in Batman v Superman and Justice League after it (sorry, Jon Hamm fans).

6. Ben Barnes

Even though his star was rising since before he played a villainous black-hat on HBO's Westworld, many comic fans may have only discovered Ben Barnes thanks to his role as The Punisher's Billy Russo, opposite star Jon Bernthal. And if a superhero is only as good as as his villain, then Barnes is due as much credit for the Netflix show's reception as its hero. Frankly, we're still not sure how the Narnia series' Prince Caspian played a smooth-talking New Yorker so seamlessly.

Those unconvinced or simply unfamiliar will want to make time for Barnes' recent filmography (on either side of the Atlantic). But in a nutshell, both seasons of The Punisher have demanded Barnes be as convincing as a top-tier Marine, a slick executive, and a deeply broken, darkly vulnerable and traumatized survivor. Basically everything that any director could ever need from a movie version of Bruce Wayne.

5. Nicholas Hoult

By this point its safe to say Nicholas Hoult has proven himself one of the most versatile, if not one of the very best actors of his generation. Whether blockbuster fans know him best as one of the X-Men or one of Mad Max: Fury Road's War Boys, Hoult has more than proven that he can anchor a superhero film--preferably one sure to make full use of his dramatic chops. And since Fox missed the chance to make him their Cyclops, we say a young Bruce Wayne is even better. Sure, Hoult may currently be tied up playing Hank "Beast" McCoy of the movie X-Men, but that is going to be less of a problem in the near future (fora number of reasons).

Even giving Dark Phoenix the benefit of the doubt, and assuming the rumored $200 Million budget proves worth every penny, there's no guarantee that the X-Men will continue in their current incarnation to another film. We would argue an actor like Hoult would be wise to take the starring role as a young Batman even if the X-Men films were bigger than ever. But with potential recasts and reboots likely once Disney attains the rights to the X-Men universe, it's probably best that Hoult weigh his options now. Especially if a pair of contact lenses is all it takes to have fans saying "Beast who?" (see above).

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

It's time to begin weighing the actors who have already been rumored in the conversation of a potential replacement for Ben Affleck, back when his departure was murky, at best. In fact, reports singled out Jake Gyllenhaal as Matt Reeves' Batman, effectively sitting 'on deck' should he be in need of a new Bruce Wayne. And just as interesting, Gyllenhaal didn't explicitly deny Batman talks when asked about the rumors in an interview. Even if other names have been mentioned since, the first word may remain Plan 'A'--and with good reason.

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In a sense, both Gyllenhaal and Affleck dealt with the challenge of being typecast in their younger days for their leading man looks and charms. And both eventually changed that reputation, elevating their names to the realm of Oscar-caliber talent. Now, the only real question mark attached to Jake Gyllenhaal's 'ability' to play Batman is where his role as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home leaves him.

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