Batman's Coolest Villain Will FINALLY Get His Wish

Batman's enemy Mr. Freeze became a supervillain for the best possible reason - but what happens when his wife Nora is cured and thawed?

Mr Freeze Wife Nora Vertical

In the world of Batman comics, Mr. Freeze has only ever wanted one thing: to bring his wife Nora back to life. Stuck in a cryogenic state, Nora isn’t technically dead, but she doesn’t get to live a normal life, either. But thanks to Lex Luthor’s help and the "Year of the Villain" crossover unfolding through the DC Universe, things have changed. After Detective Comics #1012... Victor’s wish will finally come true.

Usually the afflicted Nora serves as the permanently (and literally) fridged woman who ultimately gives her husband all of his motivation. Mr. Freeze secures his supervillain status almost entirely because of an accident attempting to cure Nora of a terminal illness. His best solution is to keep her cryogenically frozen in hopes he can one day find a cure. But the “Year of the Villain” hitting DC Comics this fall promises to finally pay off for Victor Freeze. And he won't just get to cure Nora... but bring her back into the world of the living, too.

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Fridging is a term first coined by comics writer Gail Simone to describe female comic book characters killed, tortured, or otherwise mistreated for the sole purpose of motivating a male character. The term originated after Green Lantern #54 (1994), in which Green Lantern’s girlfriend was killed and then literally stuffed into a refrigerator. While the details may be different, it's hard to think of another more fitting than Nora Fries. She's famous, sure, but only for being frozen despite her husband's best intentions. But not for long.

Batman Mr Nora Freeze Comic Cover

Most superhero fans know that fridging is just as popular in movies today, from blockbuster hits to smaller-scale, R-Rated adaptations. After all, it may be a played out approach to storytelling, but it has also created some of some of the best villains. Seeing Nora Fries reverse-fridged and bringing her back to life brings more questions for readers, too. How will Nora adjust to the world since she has missed so much? What will the impact be on Mr. Freeze and his villain status? And what will Batman do to thwart Victor as he attempts his dream reunion with his long-frozen wife? Fans will find out when this story heats up on September 25th.

  • Release Date: September 25th, 2019
  • Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
  • Art and Cover by: Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza
  • Variant Cover by: RYAN SOOK
  • "Year of the Villain" kicks into overdrive! Victor Fries has only ever wanted one bring his wife Nora back to life in a healthy body. Now, with Lex Luthor's aid, Victor's wish will finally come true. But how will Nora adjust to the new world she has missed? And how will Batman try to tear Victor's dream away from him?

Detective Comics #1012 will be available from your local comic book shop on September 25th, 2019.

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