Real Name: Talia al Ghul

First Appearance: Detective Comics #411

Powers/Abilities: Expert at hand-to-hand combat and a wide variety of hand weapons, high-level intellect, olympic-level athlete, utilizes the Lazarus Pits to heal wounds, restore and extend life.

Who Is She: Talia is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and sole heir to his criminal empire after her sister Nyssa’s car “mysteriously” exploded. Talia is also the mother of Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and the current Robin. She is often depicted as being torn between her farther and her ‘beloved’ Bruce Wayne.

Why We Want Her: Having already put Ra’s al Ghul in a film makes Talia a natural choice, and gives her a clean entrance without too much backstory. Talia was mostly played up as the “victim” of her father Ra’s ideals, but frankly she has willingly co-signed on his terroristic acts more than a few times – even taking over the League of Assassins on occasions. Talia is fascinating because she’s the only true villain Batman has ever fallen for, and certainly the only one he’s ever knocked up. (And before you throw Catwoman out there: she has been more anti-hero than villain for a long, long time).

*Of course, there is still a chance that Marion Cotillard’s Dark Knight Rises character IS Talia, so we may be getting this wish sooner before later.

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