Real Name: Julian Gregory Day

First Appearance: Detective Comics #259

Powers/Abilities: None, really… does a keen memory for dates count?

Who Is He: Originally a kind of a lame villain that was obsessed with dates, and only committed crimes on holidays, the Calendar Man was majorly reinvented as a Hannibal Lecter-esque figure in “Batman: The Long Halloween”

Why We Want Him: The Calendar Man has a lot of potential to be an attention-grabbing onscreen adversary for Batman. You throw in some enigmatic murders that corresponded with important dates and a bit of a boost in the IQ, and you all of a sudden have a twisted fusion of The Dark Knight and Silence of the Lambs. Even combining the Calendar Man and the Holiday Killer into one character would be a good way of updating a mundane villain into someone that poses a stimulating threat, without even setting foot from his prison cell.

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