Real Name: Sandra Woosan

First Appearance: Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #5

Powers/Abilities: Martial arts grandmaster, expert in martial arts weaponry, the ability to read body language and anticipate an opponent’s move, skilled assassin.

Who Is She: Shiva is one of the top martial artists in the entire DCU, and one of the few people skilled enough to open several cans of whup-ass on Batman. While still a dangerous assassin, Shiva does have a BIT of a moral code, and has even formed strong ties to the Batman family. She re-trained Batman after Bane broke his back, as well as the third Robin (Tim Drake). Shiva has also spent time as a member of the Birds of Prey, and her daughter would later become the second Batgirl (or third if you count Helena Bertinelli, which you shouldn’t!).

Why We Want Her: Don’t be fooled by the somewhat altruistic deeds of Lady Shiva – she is 100% a stone-cold killer. Shiva has spent more time taking lives than saving them, and no matter his personal feelings, or what she’s done for him, that is simply something Batman can’t get behind. Sure, the sight of Batman fighting a woman may not be a good look, but when you see the precision punches Shiva is serving the Bat, you’ll get past it.

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