Real Name: Edward Nigma

First Appearance: Detective Comics #140

Powers/Abilities: Genius-level IQ, skilled at making and solving puzzles and/or riddles, eidetic memory, mastery of engineering, chemistry, and technology, skilled detective.

Who Is He: The Riddler is a criminal mastermind with a penchant for puzzles, riddles and the color green. With a superior intellect and investigative skills that rival those of the Dark Knight, the Riddler is not just limited to leaving simple word-games for Batman to solve – he has been known to orchestrate full-scale frame-ups and misdirections that don’t make sense until the puzzle is solved.

Why We Want Him: Yeah, yeah, okay – I know The Riddler has already been in a Batman movie. As a Canadian, I’m legally obligated to love Jim Carrey, but his slapstick take on the Riddler came off too much like the dated, campy 1960s Batman TV show.

It’s not an easy task to pull the cowl over Batman’s eyes on pure cleverness alone, and the Riddler has done it many times. Giving The Riddler a chance at a more sickly-smart depiction wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Maybe under a different director or with another actor, the character might have a chance at coming off as more of a threatening genius than a flashy weirdo who shouldn’t operate scissors.

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