Real Name: Dr. Kirk Langstrom

First Appearance: Detective Comics #400

Powers/Abilities: Flight, echolocation, enhanced sight and hearing, superhuman strength, healing and speed.

Who Is He: This is your typical Jekyll and Hyde story: To cure his progressing deafness, Dr. Langstrom invented a serum to give him echolocation (a sonar that bats use to guide them in the dark). Yay science! Downside: the serum’s side-effects transformed sweet Dr. Langstrom into a hideous 7-foot mindless bat creature known as Man-Bat. To add to the minus column: the mutating serum is highly addictive, guaranteeing that Man-Bat will rear his ugly head over and over.

Why We Want Him: Okay, Batman fighting a giant bat may sound like too much batness, but as a character who can’t control his actions, Man-Bat not only poses a tough challenge for Batman to defeat, but also a dilemma about how to deal with the meek Dr. Langstrom. And do I really have to explain the awesomeness of a 7-foot bat monster?

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