Real Name: Lyle Bolton

First Appearance: Batman: The Animated Series “Lock-Up” In comics: Robin (vol. 2) #24

Powers/Abilities: Expert on high tech incarceration tactics, devices and procedures.

Who Is He: Starting off in Batman: The Animated Series has given the character of Lock-Up two different, but slightly similar, backstories: One where he was chief of security at Arkham Asylum, and another where he’s a police academy drop out. Lock-Up believes he can take care of the obscenely high crime-rate in Gotham City, permanently. His biggest feat was attempting to drown a handful of other villains, (including Two-Face) in a specially-crafted underwater death trap.

Why We Want Him: Besides the joy of watching a dude who still rocks a flat-top get his ass kicked? Lock-Up puts Batman in an interesting and difficult position by forcing him to save the lives of unrepentant killers who, in his darker moments, The Bat has wanted to get rid of himself. I foresee one of those epic “We could have been a team!” hero/villain moments.

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