Court of Owls is a clandestine organization older than Gotham City itself, that decides to take down Batman and all his caped associates. Each member – called Talons – are reanimated corpses that remain dormant until they are needed. As part of DC’s New 52 reboot, the Court of Owls’ story is still unfolding. Frankly, I’m not quite sold on them yet, but as a wise man once said, “it never hurts to look ahead.”

Lex Luthor may be Superman’s greatest enemy – but he sure hates Batman a whole lot, too. And while Lex only has a passing care for Clark Kent, he actually hates Bruce Wayne. Even in a cameo, Luthor appearing in a Batman film would be a nice bridge for DC’s movie universe, which has so far remained separate (but not quite equal). How awesome would a Superman\Batman movie crossover be?

Mayor Hamilton Hill was, as the name would suggest, the Mayor of Gotham City. Mayor Hill was quite corrupt and nearly turned the entire city against Batman by framing him for various crimes (including murder), and even fired Commissioner Gordon for attempting to prove Batman’s innocence. Dealing with masked nut-jobs is easy in comparison – you can’t just kick in the door of City Hall and give the mayor a bat-slap.

The Clock King is a persnickety weirdo obsessed with time; personally, I prefer his Batman: The Animated Series counterpart to the comic version. Temple Fugate’s mild deviation from a strict schedule caused him to fall into financial ruin; turning to crime, he took his anger out on the mayor and other city employees.  The Clock King is not really a stunner, but with a little bit of clever tweaking he could become a cool assassin-type character.

Check back with us for more on The Dark Knight Rises in the coming weeks, and catch the film when it hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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