Real Name: Roman Sionis

First Appearance: Batman #386

Powers/Abilities: Criminal Mastermind, torture expert, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, accurate marksman, master of disguise.

Who Is He: Black Mask’s parents were “frenemies” with the Waynes, which started Sionis’s early hatred of Bruce. His self-absorbed parents continued to care more about their social status than their son, until he burned his family mansion down with his parents still inside. Growing up to be a powerful criminal mastermind, Black Mask single-handily took over the entire Gotham Mafia, and was also able to secure most of the corrupt Gotham P.D. on his payroll (including Harvey Bullock). As a shrewd businessman, he was able to attack Bruce Wayne financially – presenting a double-sided threat, without knowing that Batman and Bruce were are the same man .

Why We Want Him:  What makes Black Mask a near-perfect Batman villain is that he can give the hero a run on many levels, including intellectually and physically. Black Mask retains his unique type of visual creepiness without having to resort to wacky and sometimes cheap gimmicks and costumes, which plague a lot of the more classic villains.

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