Real Name: Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot

First Appearance: Batman #609

Powers/Abilities: Genius-level intellect, skilled athlete, marksman, and hand-to-hand combatant, master surgeon, master strategist and tactician.

Who Is He: Hush is Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend, who grew up to be one of his biggest foes. Unlike Bruce, Tommy had a horribly abusive drunk for a father and a useless gold-digger for a mother – so what was a boy to do? Cut their car brakes, thats what. His father died in the crash, but his mother was saved by Dr. Thomas Wayne, thus starting Tommy’s hatred for Bruce, and later Batman. Ending up in a juvenile psych ward, young Tommy convinces an intern named Jonathan Crane (later to become the Scarecrow) to release him.

As an adult, Elliot modeled his life similar to Bruce’s: rich, successful and harboring a dark alter-ego. Taking his moniker from an old nursery rhyme, Hush prefers using manipulation and guile instead of “noisy signatures.” As another villain to know Batman’s secret identity, he chooses to keep his attacks personal.

Why We Want Him: Besides being a gun-toting badass? With the right foreshadowing, Hush is the kind of character that can be set up several movies in advance. By introducing him first as Bruce Wayne’s close friend, you leave the door open for the ultimate betrayal. Hush is also a guy that hits Batman where he hurts: because of their close personal ties, Hush can attack those close to Bruce whether they wear a mask or not.

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