15 Batman Villains That Deserve Their Movie Due

Top 15 Batman Villains - Clay Face

Real Name: Basil Karlo

First Appearance: Detective Comics #40

Powers/Abilities: Body made out of ‘mud’ allows for shapeshifting and melting; can look like any person and create melee weapons.

Who Is He: So there’s been like eight Clayfaces, but the first Basil Karlo was probably the darkest. Originally a B-list horror actor, Karlo goes on a killing spree directed at the cast and crew of a remake of a horror film he once starred in, called “The Terror”. While he would gain the token mud powers in later stories, Karlo would initially stalk his prey wearing the mask of the film's villain, “Clayface” and would even take a crack at Bruce Wayne for financing the remake. The Clayface from the '90s Batman animated series carried the name, but was something of a biographical fusion of the comic book versions. Primarily based on Karlo, animated Clayface became the visual template for the character in the comics and other media from there on out.

Why We Want Him: If you could get the CG perfect on this one, Clayface would be a visually amazing character to see on the big screen. With the shape-shifting and melting, Clayface is a near impossible adversary to detect and destroy; not only can he look like anyone he wants, he’s impervious to most physical attacks. However, I can also see this going horribly wrong.

Bottom line: seeing the things Clayface has done in animation, I’m dying to see what it would look like in live-action - and how one would realistically show Batman avoiding a villain that can simply smother him with little effort.

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