'Rachel vs. Rachel': Nolan's Batman Movies as a Romantic Comedy


Christopher Nolan has helped redefine the superhero genre with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He hopes to close out one of the most renowned trilogies in recent memory with The Dark Knight Rises, an epic finale that brings the story of Batman's beginnings full circle. But how do you think he would close his franchise if the first two movies were actually about a millionaire looking for love?

We decided to remix Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to focus on Bruce Wayne's love life. Believe us, there's plenty in there for a feature length movie. But there is one catch - we made Maggie Gyllenhaal's Rachel Dawes and Katie Holmes' Rachel Dawes two different women.

Having restructured the movies into one cohesive storyline, you may understand why it was tempting to add some American Psycho footage to the mix, but we wanted to stay loyal to Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. Here is what we came up with, and what the trailer mashup below projects as this year's newest romantic comedy:

Bruce Wayne had trouble getting the girl when he was a young boy. Something always seemed to go wrong. But now he's a millionaire playboy who can't get enough - that is, until he met two women, both named Rachel. The only problem is: both Rachels are taken. Not to be denied, Bruce goes on his own crusade to get rid of both suitors and take the Rachels for himself. One goes down easily, but the other is a little tougher, given his high-profile status in Gotham.

Now watch the "Rachel vs. Rachel" trailer below to see the new vision of Bruce Wayne:


It's odd how the whole thing works so well. We specifically kept Batman out of the trailer in hopes to make it seem like a true romantic comedy, but if you so desired, the Caped Crusader would fit right in. It's not hard to imagine Bruce Wayne masking his identity as he hunts down the men in both Rachels' lives. One is easy to take down, while the other is a Two-Face freak who puts up a serious fight.

There is definitely a story in here somewhere and it proves that Christopher Nolan can sneak a little romance into his movies now and again. He has been consistently criticized throughout most of his career for not having enough sexuality in his films. Some filmmakers choose romance over sex and that's clearly his approach. Love is far from absent in his Batman trilogy, but he simply skips over "the good parts."

What do you think of the trailer remix and would you pay to see this spin-off tale?

For an actual Batman movie, you'll have to wait until The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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