• Robert Pattinson still doesn’t think Batman is a superhero. 1 / 8

    Robert Pattinson Dark Vertical
  • Previously, he commented on how Batman's moral complexity disqualifies him from being a superhero. 2 / 8

    Robert Pattinson Batman Vertical
  • Now he's doubling down on those comments, explaining that because Batman... 3 / 8

    Batman Arkham Knight Art Vertical
  • ...doesn't have superpowers, he isn't a superhero. 4 / 8

  • "You need to have like magical powers to be a superhero," he told Today's Willie Geist. 5 / 8

    Batman Arkham Knight Batarang Vertical
  • Pattinson’s remarks are likely in jest, but continuing to say Batman isn't a superhero... 6 / 8

    Batman Arkham Knight Ruins Vertical
  • ...does possibly offer some insight to his take on the character for Matt Reeves' The Batman. 7 / 8

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