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UPDATE: Here's our picks to replace Ben Affleck as Batman.

Warner Bros. officially is moving forward with The Batman, which is all but assured to not star Ben Affleck. Ever since the studio started building a shared universe with Man of Steel in 2013, fans have been eager to see a solo movie starring the Dark Knight. Affleck at one point was set to write, star, produce, and direct the film, before turning over the film to Matt Reeves.

For more than a year, Reeves has been working on the script and is finally letting out details about his detective, noir-driven Batman story. With momentum finally behind the project, one looming question has been whether or not Affleck would stay on to play the caped crusader. His commitment to the role has varied depending on the day or month, but now some official word is finally out on the status of the entire movie.

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Deadline revealed that WB has given Reeves' The Batman, as it is tentatively titled, a June 25, 2021 release date. The confirmation of the date comes after Reeves teased the likely release window. Their report also confirms what has long been assumed, that Ben Affleck is leaving the role behind for a younger actor to take over. Casting is currently underway to find the new Bruce Wayne.

This announcement is one fans have been waiting a long time to get, as it finally brings some clarity to what is going on with The Batman. There was plenty of excitement around Reeves taking over the project when it was originally announced, but some had started to become restless over the wait. Even though it will still be over two years before The Batman hits theaters, at least there is no longer the uncertainty and a date to look forward to. The last production report noted a November 2019 start for The Batman.

Additionally, the casting of a new Batman will be top priority for WB and Reeves. It is currently believed that the casting of a younger Batman will take the film back to a pre-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice setting, as Reeves has confirmed before that the movie does exist in the larger DC universe. Connections may be minimal from the start, and fans will undoubtedly be keeping an eye out to see who gets to wear the cowl next. There have been several popular suggestions in the past and even some rumors as for who the studio and Reeves have their eyes on, but nothing too clear has been reported so far. But, now that The Batman's release date is known and the need to cast a younger Batman confirmed, it may not be too long before the list of contenders emerges.

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Source: Deadline

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