Batman Movie Reboot 'The Batman' in 2019?

The Batman Movie Reboot (2019)

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been quietly assembling the most ambitious shared movie universe plan to date - one which we expect will be revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming in 2016; a rumored release schedule points to Shazam and Sandman releasing that same year; Justice League, Wonder Woman and a Flash/Green Lantern film in 2017; capped off by Man of Steel 2 in 2018. That's all rumor for now; but a rumor that's looking more and more likely - in overview, if not pinpoint accuracy. Of course, there's been a noticeable absence in all this DC movie talk:

Where is The Batman?

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According to a new Latino Review rumor, what we recently discussed on the #SRUnderground DCU podcast is indeed coming to pass: Batman will be rebooted in 2019, in a solo film titled The Batman. LR lays out a logical line for why this is happening this way - as opposed to launching Batman (the company's strongest brand) in the nearer future - and it looks like this:

  • New Batman Ben Affleck presumably has Batman V Superman production tying him up until 2015.
  • He directs his delayed project, Live By Night, in 2015 for 2016 release.
  • He's back in the cowl for Justice League in late 2015/2016.
  • By 2017, Justice League promotion is done, film is in theaters, and Affleck can turn attention to The Batman.
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There's no solid confirmation that Affleck will direct the Batman reboot along with starring in it; but one imagines that a multi-Oscar-winning writer/director like Ben Affleck would at least be in the running. After Batman V Superman and Justice League, he'll probably have a good handle on the character - and we've always maintained that he has proven ability to create the sort of hard-boiled detective Noir film we'd want as a fresh adaptation of the character.

If the 2019 rumor is true, that will be seven-year span between the last of Nolan's films and the start of a new franchise (there were eight years between the Schumacher and Nolan eras). That's plenty of space to let the solo franchise air out, while team films keep the franchise headliner (Batman) in play, warming him to audiences in smaller doses first. There's of course the reality that any of these plans could change depending on the market (if a character is or is not very popular, if contract or business climates shift) - but assuming all of the aforementioned info is in the blueprint (Kevin Smith thinks it is), it will be especially interesting to get Superman and Batman solo films so close together.

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Many speculate that the Last Son of Krypton is going to have his image 'lightened up' from the more solemn and serious tone of Man of Steel, and any dedicated reader of the Superman/Batman comics can tell you: the fun between these two titans is often the disparity in tone. Superman is light and hope; Batman is darkness and cynicism; therefore, the two characters and their respective films probably need to reflect that difference.

Hopefully, the close proximity of these films (and a quickly expanding DCU) help to inform and shape each of them into experiences that fans will celebrate as more authentic, while regular moviegoers see as them as refreshingly different (even better) than the previous films they've seen.

Batman vs Superman Producer Interview

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In any event, we can all be sure of one thing: Batman IS coming back to the big screen - but would a winding path through years of the DCU make the journey back to Gotham City worth it?


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The Batman will be here in 2019, if reports are true.

Source: Latino Review

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